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I'd have thought that was something you'd do after capturing the area of screen, Gimp is a powerful graphics program for stuff like that but has a pretty steep learning curve. Has to be the best graphics tool out there that costs nothing. Google it and have a look.
I use the 'snipping tool' in Win7. Any other version i just hit the 'Print Screen' button, & paste it into Paint then save as a jpeg.


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Just a quick question, does anyone use ScreenHunter 6.0 Free from Wisdom-soft? Any thoughts?

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I do this sort of thing for a living unfortunately. Were I trying to do annotated screen shots from free software, I could do this sort of thing:


1) I used the ALT + Print Screen (PRT SCR) keys to screen grab the screen.

2) I pasted the screen grab into Microsoft Paint and used the Crop tool to cut down to the image I wanted.

3) I got a copy of Open Office (free) and imported the image into the Draw package.

4) I added the arrows and text I wanted in Draw

5) I did another screen grab and pasted the annotated image from Draw into Paint for a final cropping to size.

It'll give you fairly basic quality annotated images.


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