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Hi guys, thanks for those willing to help.

I know it's wrong to give away details, but for the screen tests, how are the questions formatted?

Current Affairs - apparently this is a 5 minute test, will this be from the information I have read in papers / online, etc?

Service Knowledge - I'm reading Heyman's Army book, it's a bit detailed and can seem a bit difficult to get to grips with, particularly because loads of pages seem to be covered on the chain of command for various sections of the army - it looks very detailed. The individual sections have the main weapons used by that unit though.

General Knowledge - Is it in one's interest to go over key historic artists, musicians and their works; a browse of a political map (for cities, etc); a bit about WWII, and other key historic events, etc .. or is there really no point trying to brush up on Gen Knowledge? I have no idea how I would do on this but I'd like to know the areas assessed, but don't tell me I suppose that's part of the assessment.

How is this part of the AOSB assessed, obviously there's no pass/fail but does it form a big part of their decision? If you score low is it here that they might put you on PRMAS, etc?

Thanks guys.
Did my main board 2 months ago. It was 100 multiple choice questions done on a computer, i think you had an hour to do them in. 80 were general knowledge, 10 were current affairs and 10 were military knowledge. Defiantly read the papers and know who does what in the cabinet ect. Military knowledge is fairly straight forward. As for the general knowledge, well, god help you there.

I didn't do well at all on any of these and I got PRAMS, though I am also a non-grad so think that had something to do with it too.
sorry but what is a PRAMS? Intersted as i am aslo a non-grad
3 month educational brush up course. If you do poorly in the essay and general knowledge but, show the potential they are looking for at main board, then they may send you on PRAMS before RMAS. Its not just for non-grads though.
the millitary knowledge was pretty easy if you've had a good browse through the pocket guide to the british army they publish each year, or if you've researched it in any depth.

The general knowledge and current affairs questions on the other hand ranged from straightforward to genuinely obscure. As long as you are reasonably up to speed on whats happening in the world you should be ok.

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