Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by ub3rb0wl, Oct 21, 2008.

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  1. Just read about this strange, strange substance in eight lives down... anyone care to enlighten me as to what it is/what it tastes like/where to "obtain" some from for sampling purposes?
  2. [Wah/on]

    Flavoured powder for drinking
    24hr ORP stockists


    Screech - Killing Soldiers taste buds since 1974 (Ish)
  3. no-one else wants to say it first????
  4. Use it quite regulary during the cricket season for drinks breaks. Orange always goes down well but the lemon needs to be boosted a bit.

  5. Cold orange drink, tastes vary due to quantity of toms to packets of powder.
  6. Spooky.
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  7. That is spooky...

    And TY for the link Bovvy
  8. A minute's a long time on Arrse.
  9. Yeah, all mine are at exactly the right time too, what are these daft wimmin on about?
  10. Whats ejaculation :?
  11. Thank you, the wife is curious as well now but at least the kids Dimitry and Lin Pau are asleep :D

  12. And if you are ever in Canada, don't be taken in when someone offers you some screech. It's rocket fuel moonshine rum made by our brethren on the Rock (Newfoundland) to give to tourists...
  13. as an ex cabbage mechanic we also used this in powder form to clean anything hot.

    Hot item (saucepan / stove top) pour screech powder onto it - let it bubble for a minute, pour water on very fast to remove residue. one piece of gleaming clean kit.

    best piece of oven cleaning kit ever

    if we used it clean those after 2 weeks in the field hate to think what it did to your insides.
  14. I also remember there being a lemon flavoured variety, or was that just the cooks piss in the screech machine/Norgy..... Barstewards