Scratched car door

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by OLDBIGHEAD, May 27, 2008.

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  1. Afternoon, :evil:
    Some little B*stard has scratched my car door with a stick. Its not right down to the bare metal but i've heard of scratches being repaired by using T Cut?

    Does anyone know of any other products available for this kind of thing?
    I managed to track down the culprit and it just so happens that its the son of a guy i know well on my patch. 8O :x
  2. Arrange with his dad to get the little fecker to pay you to get the job done professionally!!!

    Don't know if you can get these products in the UK,I assume youy'll be able to get them off the tinterweb somewhere.

    Used the scratch polish on a few marks that a hire car I had recieved from an anon,far better than T Cut as less abrasive.

    Dentmaster are supposed to be good but don't come cheap.
  4. Thanks for the suggestions, on my way to Halfords!! :salut:
  5. Halfords 'touch up' paint is generally expensive , £10 for a kit and you wont hide the scratch anyway. T cut might get the mark out but only if its a light scuff rather than taken any paint of. try these
  6. Why pay for something the little scrote has done, his family should cough up instead.
  7. In my days of a scooter-obsessed oik, I often fell off and scratched my lovely side-panels. I tried t-cut but it is shite. Try using Brasso, as it is a wee bit more aggressive and saves on elbow grease.

    I've also used it on hire cars that have become scratched....
  8. Ask his dad to do the decent thing and pay for it. Tell him that you'll shop round for the cheapest quote and stick by your word.

    Surface scratches can be taken out with T cut and nowadays you can buy T cut in the same colour as your car, which helps with the cosmetics.

    Dependant upon how deep this scratch is, you may want to take it round to a reputable garage and ask them to have a look. Thing is, if you attempt to repair the damage yourself, you may stand accused of causing more than was caused by the kid in the first place, which will more than likely result in you and the kids dad falling out over who caused what.

    Speak to the dad. He'll probably be more than reasonable about it. If his kid is over 10 then he can be had over for criminal damage, although I wouldn't use that as my openig liner with his old man.
  9. Try filling the scratch with Lacquer and using 2000 grade wet and dry to rub down the high points followed by G3 finishing liquid to rub out the 2000 grade scratches followed by good old polish. Sounds like hard work but works a treat, there is a online paint shop which do complete kits with undercoat, primer, top coat(s) and all the other bits inlcuded around £10. I've done a grand espace after someone keyed the whole length of it (3 meters of scratch) and from a foot you can't see the scratch at all!
  10. Good response. Do post up the link to that shop if you can find it.

    I haven't used the Halfords scratch repair service for myself, but I have seen excellent results on a mate's car. However, the reported scratch only seems paint deep, and it sounds like a reasonable rubbing compund should therefore do the trick. I've used that Halfords rubbing compound (£3.95) myself, and I have to say it was the dog's b*ollocks in sorting out my problem.

    Fecking vandals. Wish I had a tenner for every door ding my OH picks up when she shops in Tesco.
  11. t cut is ok but white horse is making the most sense. my mate had his celica done by someone he worked with he knew who did it for definite. his bonnet looked like an ecg. He simply masked it up and resprayed the offending area and it worked a treat. said colleague inexplicably had some paint stripper 'fall' onto their car a few weeks later.

    I had some little scrotes throw something at mine as i drove past a couple of months ago. they shat bricks when i came after them. unfortunately my windows were still down and my sat nav and mp3 were in the car so i didnt go very far after them.
  12. Rumour? News?

    Locked then.
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