Scratch one C-130

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Sid_Viscose, Feb 13, 2007.

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  1. Task Force Maysan has blown up an RAF C-130 after it got damaged on landing last night. Fortunately nobody was badly hurt. An expensive evening's work neverthless....
    anyone care to share any similar experiences ? I'll start by fessing up that I was once commanding a tank that rolled. Quite a pricey repair job :thumbdown:
  2. took a merc 814 (civi lease waggon) through the Mcdonalds drive through in Bochum next the the Sabre that's light up at night .......scratch one sign and some damage to the truck....MT Sgt got posted and ripped up all the outstanding MT3's as a leaving pressie so got away with it :thumright:
  3. How many we got left now ? Single figures ?
  4. No, I believe we are still in double figures.
  5. Depends if it was a K or a J...
  6. [quote="Bat_Crab ]Depends if it was a K or a J...[/quote]

    Beat me to it Bat_Crab I too am wondering if it was a J or K ,would be the first loss of a J world wide I believe.
  7. Beat me to it Bat_Crab I too am wondering if it was a J or K ,would be the first loss of a J world wide I believe.[/quote]

    Certainly the first loss of a RAF J. 3 Ks in two and a bit years across two theatres would be a bit worrying, I'm just happy the death toll hasn't been higher; it could have been much worse, considering how much you can fit in a herc.
  8. It certainly appears to be the first 'J' lost.

  9. We should of course remember that we destroyed the airframe ourselves as it was deemed impossible/too risky to recover. Not quite a 'crash' although I suppose veering off the strip with an engine on fire comes pretty f*****g close! Cause of engine fire NYK.
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    Insurance Job....
  11. Where did you get the info about the engine fire?
  12. Couldn't possibly say.
  13. 4.5?