Scrapping of P2 pay...?

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by penguin, Jan 13, 2008.

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  1. The jungle drums are playing at Wallop at the moment that P2 pay is going to be scrapped to come in line with the Navy and Raf in April, does anybody know if this is just another rumour to come out of the mill or does it have some truth behind it..?
  2. Been hearing some rumours through the appropriate chains, however didn't realise it would be as soon as April 08. Would be very interested in Senior Arrse Aviation members on there opinions
  3. Not a sh!tehawk myself but lets put it like this, based on the government's pennypinching ways, if they can cut pay to 'bring it in line' with some other payband of another service they will.

    Heaven fordid they would raise the others into line with AAC!
  4. Plenty of penny pinching ways I must agree, however I don't have enough battery power to list them all. Still if this has any kinda truth it will have great reflections on the retention of new pilots of the Corps. Once again will be watching this one closely
  5. I heard a little while ago that first tour flying pay was to be binned (and thus, P2 pay). The reasons given were a chap on completion of the pilots course is time barred for four years so there is no requirement for 'retention pay' as hes got to commit anyway and the 'saving' on paying first tour went some way to pay for the rearcrew permanent flying pay. Dont know what stage this got to but it probably went in hand with fecking up most peoples flying pay when JPA came in.

    If on the other hand P2 pay is binned and we do go in line with the other two services, it will be a good thing because a chap should go straight onto commanders pay - first tour on completion of course. After all, he is just as qualified as his crab or fishead counterpart in relation to Aircraft Captain.

  6. The time bar takes care of the retention of new pilots. :wink: Thus the move towards removing first tour pay all together.
  7. My apologies Lord Flash, by way of new pilots I refer to those having just completed the first tour and still wetter than an otters pocket behind the ears. Hopefully will keep those in question from stepping across to our friends the boys in blue. As seems to be the trend over the last few years.

  8. Ah I see. Surely those that have just completed first tour will be aircraft commanders or very soon to be? I'd like to think that we dont have many second tour pilots anymore therefore negating the need for P2 pay altogether.

    I think the problems run far deeper than a bit of flying pay when it comes to people jumping ship. Of course, it all adds up to peoples overall dissatisfaction. :wink:
  9. If you want to know fact from fiction ring wallop 4791 for latest (bad news)
  10. Poor babies, does this mean you'll have to buy the Mazda MX5 instead of the BMW Z3

  11. Jealous obviously. :roll:
  12. Not really, my wife already has a hairdresser!
  13. Bearing in mind the number of people involved - does the rather small saving involved really make up for creating the cultural sense of grievance amongst a new generation of pilots?

    Or in the long term does it make jumping ship more likely?
  14. Than aint good mate! :D

    More than happy with that!!!!!