Scrapping a car in NL

Anyone know how to go about getting rid of a car in NL. Heerlen area? I was tempted to roll it into the woods and torch the thing but knowing my luck, i'd burn the forest down and get caught at it too. So can anyone advise how to scrap a car over here, the legal way! Thanks
You could try searching for scrappies or car breakers.


Or the have a go at the scrappage scheme, if it still runs over there?
As far as I know The Netherlands is still operating a "scrappage scheme" that allows owners of dilapidated vehicles to get a guaranteed 750 to 1000 Euros when they trade it in for a modern vehicle. Even more if you are a resident of Amsterdam, anywhere between 250 and 1000 Euros extra. Do not try dumping the vehicle the Dutch authorities are very adept at finding people who dump cars. If you are not replacing your vehicle, most reputable metal recyclers will pay you a small amount to dispose of your vehicle in an environmentally friendly way.
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