Scraping the Barrel?

Spelin mistook... I'm a bit dyspepsic.. should have seen the confusion when I went to see some performing thespians once...
Okay - only teasing. It's a good point you raise. The guys at the pointy end should not have to worry about where their supply of happy pills is coming from. The guys with the guys at the pointy end should not have to worry that their clinically depressed colleagues are out on patrol with them.
No doubt the guys in question wanted to be out there so as not to let their mates down but it puts them in an awful position, I'm willing to accept that getting the guys back on the horse is important, but to deploy them with insufficient medication is criminally negligent. Would be interesting to see how much pressure was put on these guys by the CoC to deploy too... Bet they were informed that their future careers depended on it.


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As someone who has suffered from depression, it is often the most scary thing in the world to be separated from people that you have come to see as family, as in the Army Family. It could be that the fear of being left behind and alone was greater than the fear of being in combat with the support of the family you have come to trust.

Apologies if this sounds like mumbo-jumbo, or sentimental claptrap, but that is how I felt when I was refused permission to deploy on Op GRANBY due to being clinically depressed.
I share your sentiments legs but 30 seems a lot of guys to be suffering from one organisation. I'm assuming that the depression is symptomatic of PTSD as a result of previous deployments, although could be as a result of poor man management and being treated like sh*t following their return. My concern is that their unit may well have used emotional blackmail on guys who are still not quiet ready to redeploy. No one wants to be seen as a war dodger, I remember I half crippling myself and keeping quiet about it because I'd had knee surgery shortly prior to OPTAG but didn't wanna miss out. I did deploy but put my recovery back a good while as a result. Would hate to think a similar thing will happen to these lads.
Two points to make on this:

1. The scum love this sort of pap even though the story will be be utter shtie in the first place.

2. The losers that pull this new "depression" malarkey just cause they've to spend 6 months in the sunshine deserve to be humilated. What about these lads? most of whom had been away from home for 2 years and many were never to see home again. Don't suppose many of them were sobbing for anti-depressants.

There is something so disturbing about this that it cannot be true. There is a question on the FAC application form like "are you or have you ever been treated for depression". Implication being that they don't want you near things that go bang when your wheels come off. Good point about family but what use are the poor s ods going to be to the family?
As an aside, what does PULHEEMS stand for?


Is it something along those lines? Did my medical when a skinny 17 yr old and take it that the "2"s under some letters are evidence that the Doctor thought I was a less than perfect specimen...
6months supply of meds dosent take up much room or cost a lot .I know i was told i wouldnt be deployed if i was on prozac had
to have interview with rmn at chilwell . Actually first male rmn I've seen who didnt dress like a traveller :lol: .Hadnt taken it for years so got to go :) .Though someone on medication for deppresion really shouldnt have acess to weapons so being on tour maynot the best place to be .I guess it depends on role and job and how tough the tour is.
PULHEEMS P – Physical Capacity U – Upper Limbs L – Lower Limbs H – Hearing EE – Eyesight M – Mental Capacity S – Stability (Emotional)
best way to read a sun article is from the end to the front as they put the bull at the front and the truth at the end. They do that so they cant be sued and not many people read all of the article anyway

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