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Scrap the CRE

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by jackhackett, Sep 27, 2007.

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  1. I read yesterday that the head of the CRE, Trevor Phillips, stated British history books should be re-written so as to be 'inclusive' of other nations.

    He then droned on about how the RN didn't really defeat the Spanish Armada because the Turks had previously all but done the job for them and how our history should be amended to reflect the fact (what fockin fact?).

    This, coupled with the fact that the CRE have instructed lawyers to begin proceedings for racism against some guy in Wales for using the words 'itinerant travellers' when objecting to the council spending taxpayers hard earned on allowing a bunch of pikeys to set up on a public car park. (Daily Mail)

    I reckon the CRE has had their time, are becoming out of control and should be scrapped - they get 19 million quid a year funding from the government to go around being offended about on behalf of other people

    Time to get shot of this bunch of kuntz ?
  2. yeh lets why not let the people who get offended complain be alot cheaper
  3. The good news: the CRS is already on borrowed time

    The bad news: Trevor Phillips is head of a new agency called the Commission for Equalities and Human Rights (the cue for more snouts in the trough)

    news of announcement
  4. Just what have you lot got against Sappers?
  5. But then where would all those middle-class white people work?
  6. Thats what I want to know. Bastards.
  7. B0llox. We did defeat them. I know this because I was there and I've got the campaign medal to prove it. Of course I wasn't as ancient then as I am now.

    Quite likely Trevor's ancestor was on a Turkish ship chained to an oar.

    For those seeking an antidote to politically correct buffoonery, might I recommend a TV series from 1974 known as 'The Sweeney' (now available on DVD).

    The Sweeney is a tale of a policeman and philosopher called Jack Regan. It also features numerous hopelessly posh actresses straight from the Royal Shakespeare Company trying to speak with Sarf Lahndon accents.

    Jack does his job dilligently while imparting pearls of philisophical wisdom to those around him. A few examples:-

    Regan : I'll have two large scotches.
    Barman : 78 pence please

    Regan : Is he married?
    George : No. He lives with his mum.
    Regan : Is he a poof?

    Regan : This is my house and I pay 700 quid a year mortgage to live here.

    Regan : We're the Sweeney and we aven't 'ad our dinner.

    Regan : Get your knickers on love - you're nicked.

    Regan : This is my colleague George. He hits people.

    Regan : I've never met a Kraut I liked. They're worse than the spaghetti benders.
  8. How about this: The term itinerant is now classed as racist

    From Wikipedia:An itinerant is a person who travels from place to place with no real home.

    Types of itinerants:

    Perpetual travelers
    Gutter punks
    Roma people
    Circuit riders
    Irish Travellers
    Ukrainian Kobzari
    Examples of itinerants include:

    Paul Erd?s
    John the Baptist
    Daniel Pehar

    £18 million a year well spent I'd say.
  9. Hurrah for the CRE!
  10. We'll have less of your sarcasm Cad. The CRE do a wonderful job stamping out hate mongers like the publishers of The Dandy. LINK
  11. It always used to be the case that in Scotland more white English people took racism cases to employment tribunals, sometimes aided by the CRE, than blacks. Owing to the Jock propensity to abuse the Sassenachs on the grounds of their being Sassenachs. I quite like the idea of a government agency charged with protecting the English from the Scots…
  12. I do believe the last government agency to do this successfully was the Legion of the North led by a certain Mr Hadrian in AD 122.

    Oh sh1t - no, no, I meant CE 122. Don't have me arrested Trevor. I'm an old man. Please - have mercy.
  13. :rofl: funny as feck.
  14. and were treated with old world charm:

    "Shut it, you slag"