Scrap female prisons - Why?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by here_be_mike, Mar 13, 2007.

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  1. Just read this:

    Scrap women's prisons, peer says

    I don’t understand why. Women commit murder just like men, they assault just like men, they steal just like men, so why treat them completely different compared to men? What next, kids get party hats when they get caught beating a policeman into a coma?
  2. But why should they be treated the same as men, its not like they want equal rights or anything......... Oh, damn
  3. There is conceivably an argument that nursing mothers should not be jailed but otherwise, equality before the law relates to responsibilities as well as rights. Sorry, sisters, but that's only fair.

    It comes down to the victim thing again. It would appear that women criminals are victims of their gender, whereas men are just criminals.

    Why a female jail suicide is any sadder than a male jail suicide beats me.
  4. Dependant on the crime committed surely??
    Otherwise - I totally agree with you :thumright:
  5. I worked in HMP Durham, on a nine month stint.

    Its an unusual prison in that it houses everythin from remand to High risk Cat A prisoners.

    When I was there - the female wing had 97 inmates - all except 3 were in for LIFE!
  6. Have Sexy lesbian prisons and make them shower 5 times a day, whilst videoing them soaping themselves up :thumright: :thumright: :thumright:
  7. Captain subtext says "Close down the prisons and move them back to the estate they came from and make that lovely big building into luxury apartments"

    Am I being too cynical ;)
  8. Women are statistically more like to be jailed for lesser crimes. Maybe old fashioned judges think they should be made an example of to try and prevent the influx of chav kids into the system?

    Women who murder their kids should be hung drawn and quartered IMHO. And as a single mum who's been through the wringer I can say that as there really is no excuse.
  9. Ummmm, call me old fashioned if you like, but if a nursing mother doesn't want to be separated from her child/children, shouldn't they keep out of trouble in the first place? They are supposed to be mothers with responsibilities and show an example to their off spiring, no matter what their age.

    A first time offense for a minor or reasonably minor offense will not normally bring a custodial sentence. So the women who are separated from their children are repeat offenders or have committed a serious crime.

    Do the crime, do the time.

    What about young fathers? Do they not deserve to be there for their children? It really annoys me that everything has to be 'equal' when it suits them, but they have to be special cases when it doesn't. Women shouldn't get jail when a man commits the same offense does. You can't have Gentleman's Clubs but there are plenty of lady only fitness clubs. If a woman is the victim of abuse at home she gets looked after and a place in a hostel if she wants it, same happens to a man and he's laughed at. Women get special well lit parking spaces and if a man is insecure or scared of the dark.... tough.

    It's called equality..... and that means the good and the bad.
  10. "So the women who are separated from their children are repeat offenders or have committed a serious crime."

    Several hundered women are jailed every year for the serious crime of failing to buy a TV license.
    What a country!
  11. Is that on their first offense?
  12. And are men jailed for the same offence, or is it purely a female preserve?

    This is not an argument about sentencing policy overall, it is about sexual discrimination in sentencing policy.
  13. "Is that on their first offense? "

    If they don't pay the fine, then yes.
  14. Since when is it a 'right' to have a TV? If they can't afford it, get rid of it.
  15. Then surely that's the policy on defaulters, isn't it? Or are you trying to tell me that anyone who defaults on paying fines ends up in nick? I don't think so. Every year local councils and courts wipe millions of unpaid fines.

    Unless because the licence fee is for the Govt (or a Govt Corporation) they have sole rights to jail non-payers, females especially, which I doubt very much then they are no more in danger of being locked up than anyone else. I would also suggest that they are repeat offenders, otherwise some Action group would have been screaming the walls down already over the terrible miscarriage against their feminist brethren.