Scrap council tax?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by mark1234, Apr 18, 2010.

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  1. I pay roughly £1200 per annum in council tax, I had a look of how the money is spent, little if any applies to me.

    I don't have a child in state education, I haven't had cause to call the Police since I realised many years ago they are slow to react and impotent, and I've never had reason to call the fire brigade. I have had cause to visit the council run planning office recently though, where I had the privilege of paying hundreds of pounds having a bungalow designed for my parents to their (the planning officers) specifications only to have it turned down at later dates by different planning officers.

    Apart from having my bins emptied (if the bin men feel like turning up this week) what do I get for it exactly.

    The local council has managed to waste quite a lot though, apart from losing 40 odd million in an Icelandic bank long after the market knew they were unsound investments, they manage to host bullsh1t multicultural festivals at every given opportunity they manage to waste millions installing a millennium eye type wheel and installing an outdoor Ice-rink right next to one of the best in-door ice stadiums in the country.

    I'd be much happier paying a private company to empty my bins, a call out charge if I have the stupidity to call the filth and a call out charge if I'm stupid enough to set myself on fire.

    Some might see this as a bit of a Tory/ Right-wing way of looking at things, but whilst old people cannot afford to eat and pay their council tax on a pension to pay for utilities they rarely use, and local councils have the right to charge whatever they want for their utilities (having a complete monopoly) whilst wasting the budget, private companies seems a far fairer way of doing things.

    Anything not covered (like street sweeping) could be taken out of the central government pot.

    Could it ever work?
  2. Income tax to central government, then it gets doled out on a person by person rate....

    And the councils shouldn't be 'investing' in Iceland, the money should have stayed inside the UK borders.
  3. msr

    msr LE

    The pleasure of knowing that about 30% of it goes towards paying the final salary pensions of your former local council employees.

  4. ......... replace it with?
  5. I think I've been clear enough on this, fees paid for use of utilities,anything not covered to come out of the central government pot (the treasury).
  6. What about a "person tax"? Each person (over 16 years old) could contribute a share. Two people in a home pay two shares, people in multiple occupancy premises pay a share each. That way every user pays their way = less per person. Can't think of a name for it though. :)
  7. It was called Poll Tax and was a spectacular failure.
  8. So I pay for Me, my wife and my son even though we use the same amount of utilities as a single person??
  9. And how would adding a layer of bureaucracy make anything better value for money, let alone cheaper?

    Central Government would probably love to hold the local purse strings, but the problems with the quota not covering the cost of services is bad enough already and I shudder to think of the consequences of making it larger.

    Solution is more efficient councils: try the examples of Westminster and Chelsea, or Wandsworth for services well up to the norm at a much lower than average cost.
  10. Because a load of free loaders suddenly discovered they would have to pay something for a change.
  11. It failed because it was unfair, I don't see my idea for paying what you use as unfair.

    I think people would end up paying less overall, there would be less local government bureaucracy for one which is notoriously expensive.

    Local councils have become huge bloated monsters who charge whatever they want with impunity.
  12. How would it add a layer, it would take away a layer of bureaucracy.

    It would of course mean a few people working for the local council will have to get jobs. :D
  13. Having a council tax makes sense but the way that it is calculated is absolute twonk.

    A local income tax seems fairer.
  14. If your wife son and you use the same as a single person you would pay the same, if you produce extra waste, and call the police when your cat goes missing you would pay more.

    Simple. :D
  15. So you don't use the pavements or road surfaces, will not go out after the lampposts come on, will never age and want a bus pass, meals on wheels or other care, you're going to opt out of the electoral register (but then you couldn't go in to a polling station anyhow), nor will you ever have to register a death or seek planning permission. You will howver be able to continue with the schools as most of the funding for young people's services comes from the quota already.