Scrap 25% Council tax discount for single people

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Kitmarlowe, May 9, 2013.

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  1. Real life imitating the Pad's Army then!
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  2. Like being single isn't already more expensive in the first place.

    I'm kind of sick of companies and politicians constantly looking at ways to extort more money from the working population, and of the papers stoking "salary envy".
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  3. Why not increase the tax on multiple adult occupancy, you know the houses with 4 plus adults found up and down the country in large city's with lots of takeaways and mini cab firms.
  4. What, you mean like a poll tax? Shudder...
  5. I remember hearing that abuse of the single persons discount is one of the largest forms of benefit fraud. I know of a large number of singlies who "forgot" to tell the council when the love of their life moved in - those of you in that position had better fess up as I suspect councils across the land will be looking at their council tax database and rubbing their hands at the the thought of catching out the 25% fraudsters. Not worth the risk IMO.
  6. Oh yes, don't think the govt would like that.
  7. 25% is not much and whilst no doubt some abuse the system I would wager it is not that many. Would be easy to sort out anyway with a bit of covert investigation. Statutory penalty of the back tax of course and 200% on tax backdated 5 years.
    The penalty itself and a few high profile reported cases where people have been prosecuted will focus peoples minds.

    Councils are really feeling the cuts now and instead of going after some of the high spending they should do like some of the outrageous salary levels local government they are dreaming up more inventive ways of fleecing the public....

    How many of you refuse to take your motors into town now because of the high parking charges for example?
    Out of town shopping malls are free. Amazon and the Internet cheaper still.

    Just another example of how local councils are killing off traditional High Streets.
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  8. How exactly?

    There should be no discount. Council tax is already calculated in Bands, based on the number of bedrooms/size of property. A single person will (usually) live in a smaller residence than a family of four, who will pay much more in Council Tax.

    A single person still receives the same council services that everyone else does and not 25% less.
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  9. The declaration I sign is quite clear of the penalties of false declaration.
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  10. TheresaMay

    TheresaMay LE Moderator DirtyBAT

    They have been all over that particular type of fraud for years.

    When my best mate emigrated to the UAE, he asked to use my address as a correspondence 'relay' to which I agreed. A couple of months later I had the local council strap me down to a polygraph machine, shine an angle-poise in my face** and give me 20 questions over why I was claiming 25% discount when there is "clearly more than one addressee" receiving mail at the address.

    One cup of tea and 2 biscuits later all was well - but it restored confidence that my local council do actually get off their arses every once in a while and earn a small portion of the four-figure sum I pay them each year.

    ...on a separate note, I do believe other posters on this thread may have a point about certain houses (particularly in town centres) maybe contributing more. There are several houses down the street where I rent my gaff out that are known to have 10-15 mattresses laid out in various rooms of the house. Maybe not a 'per person' type poll tax - but perhaps something in between. For example, more people than there are bedrooms; in other words, a 3 bedroom house with two double rooms and a single (typically) would incur extra charges if more than 5 people were living there. They could do fraud busts on those houses suspected of abusing the system, then putting the footage on some obscure Sky documentary to show the rest of the world how great they are at their jobs. I might even try to market the idea but I need to check it's not been done before...

    **Slight exaggeration due to councils pissing me off and passing on their cuts to the people they serve as opposed to doing what the rest of us have to do and live to their means.

  11. Wordsmith

    Wordsmith LE Book Reviewer

    a lot of councils do not want to live within a budget. Instead, they want to push up their council tax income so that they can keep expanding their little empires.

    Maybe we should be cutting back on councillors expenses, so we could spend more on services...

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  12. How is single life more expensive? Is that a serious question?
    I live in a 1 bedroom flat since I split up with my ex, with whom I also shared a 1 bedroom flat.
    Being a couple halves your rent, all bills, council tax, and grocery shopping as well as household items.

    So my basic living costs have gone up by over £600 a month. God forbid I get a £30 discount a month, eh!

    Now we're separated and have 2 council tax bills each we pay 25% less on, instead of sharing 1 council tax bill at 100%, the council still receives 150% more tax without us incurring any extra costs.

    Obviously having a family is more expensive, but that's not the topic here, it's people living on their own vs households with a minimum of 2 people.

    The fact that I get to pay about £100 instead of £130 to have the little rubbish my single household produces collected 4 times a month is about the only benefit I have, at all.
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  13. To be honest I have never had a problem with a 'poll tax'. I recall paying it for the two or three years when it was in. As I had adult children (who were working) living in my household my bill went down.

    Why should individuals not be billed instead of the house owner?

    It was only the left who abhorred it anyway stirring up enough media response to get a very nasty ball rolling. We can all recall the West End being smashed up and eventually the downfall of Thatcher because of it.

    It's re-introduction may make it less attractive for immigrant labour (both legal and illegal) as it would push their living costs up perhaps to a point where they may not want to stay in Britain releasing jobs for our out of work kids to do.
  14. The problem was it was introduced without warning in many areas that were still in deep recession.
    My parents house used to get one bill suddenly it got four bills. The bills weren't the original divided by four. I think it was multiplied by four!
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