Scrambled egg breakfast.

Discussion in 'Cookery' started by BryanTheMegalodon, Jun 20, 2013.

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  1. Possibly the easiest and quickest breakfast you can imagine. Whisk eggs whilst butter melting in pan, loads of seasoning in there and then keep it moving for a few minutes before serving.......couldn't be easier.

    And then I found this Gordon Ramsey one and got to admit, can't wait to try it and it does everythnig differently including adding all the ingredients together with cold knob of butter and heating together. I won't have a chance to try this till next weekend but would certainly be interested in your comments guys.

    Gordon Ramsay's Scrambled Eggs - YouTube
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  2. Get her to just crack some eggs into a bowl, whisk them, then chuck them into the microwave whilst you have another go at fertalising hers. It'll take about two and a half minutes.
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  3. I can't think how the recipe is different, people tend to cock it up by adding milk or over-cooking, that's it really. I'm sure he can jump about taking the pan on and off the heat loads of times for dramatic effect but if it's on a low heat and taken off early it's not going to overcook.
  4. I do mine in the microwave. Melt the butter, add the eggs and a wee splash of milk, plenty of salt and pepper and cook, stirring often. Take it out just before you think it is ready.

    Serve with toast on the side and smoked salmon on top.

    Now I'm hungry...
  5. It's just the whole throwing everythnig except seasoning in together and then heating it up. I love stir fry cooking and was astounded other day at a show when I asked for a stir fry. She chucked cold oil into a cold pan, added the veg and waited for it to heat up! I walked away, wasn't paying for that. Stir fry the oil needs to be screaming hot, that's how i thought it was for scrambled eggs however this appracoch is one i've never seen before. Like I said, can't wait to try it out next week.
  6. If you put eggs into a hot pan you're going to get it setting quickly and it's going to burn or make the eggs tough. Didn't you do home economics at school?
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  7. No he was probably in the metalwork shop trying to make a shank out of a piece of rusty 6mm plate, or an ambitious attempt at a Beastie Boy style VW necklace.
  8. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Same here Legs,but I don't add salt as I serve them on toasted brown bread with Marmite & grated cheese on top of the eggs & I also add some sliced mushrooms to the butter,that I cook off in the same bowl before I add the milk & eggs to it...
  9. Heat pan on a moderate heat, enough to start melting the butter. As the butter melts, add the egg mixture, turn pan down slightly as the eggs will have started setting on the bottom and stir. Continue to stir over a low heat until lumps of egg start to appear, turn off heat and continue to stir. This should give you a firmish but soft, semi runny egg, serve with whatever your little heart desires. Season to taste after. ^^
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  10. Like that
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  11. I whisk the egg mixture and add loads of black pepper. As Jarrod will no doubt tell you, I could live on scrambled eggs on toast. I've even had scrambled egg Breville toasties before.

    Your method is better than Bryanmongaloons though and I've got no eggs, but I've got a shit load of smoked bacon and some Warbys.
  12. Heathen

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