Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by TA_sig, Jul 13, 2005.

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  1. Hey up folks,

    Would someone be so kind as to explain the role of the SCRA(T) dets in the Ptarmigan and Clansman system? I've heard bits and pieces from random siggies here and there but would be helpful if someone here could clarify. Just need something thats a bit easier to explain to recruits/potentials recruits when taking it out and about.

  2. The SCRA(T) = single channel radio access terminal.
    In laymans terms, It is a mobile subscriber that allows you access to the ptarmigan network.
    the way it works, is by the SCRA(T) det logging on to the nearest central. Once logged on you will have access to the network and be able to to make calls to anyone else that is on the network up to a classification of secret. Also it is possible to speak to people on clansman over ptarmigan . This requires a special piece of kit, but i cant remember the name at the moment. and when you do this, you have to remind the SCRAT operator that he is to use correct v.p. and that the security class my not be secret.

    Hope this helps, if you need any further more indepth answers let me know.
  3. Or in real laymans terms its a "Military mobile telephone that allows connection to the Ptarmigan system"
  4. Thanks,

    I know there is a Clansman radio (353/1?) which is often mounted in the det with it, but it also allows the ptarmigan users to access the Clansman system? Well thats just great, until the op messes up v.p.

    I've figured most of it out but need to get facts straight considering problem is that some people think I look like I know what I'm talking about when it Sigs things - where as my forte is currently digging shell scrapes and getting lost on TACC Mod2. Might as well actually work out what everything is for, also eyeing up the trade for next time the training comes around. Don't think you can run a laptop off the gene like in a relay/switch though... Not that TEMPEST would have anything to do with it.
  5. get down halfords and get a dc/ac converter, bodge it up, to the 2 little sockets on the dash, and voila, T.V and laptop power!!
  6. What about the 24v from the PDB on the FFR. Have you looked around ArmyNet, I think you can download the Field Training Packages (RSigs pages SOinC section).
  7. As has been mentioned already, SCRA(T) is a mobile terminal that allows access to the Ptarmigan system via omni-directional VHF (i say this because as a Central commander we did trial LOS VHF on a sloping wire that some clever tech knocked together out in Bosnia).

    The SCRA(T) connects with an SCRA Central which in most cases links into the Ptarmigan system via Triffid (UHF) or SHF and lastly HF Quad.

    More recently Switching Centrals were introduced as were MAPPS and so the principal remains the same, however the equipment has been modified.

    But when all is said and done, it gives the user/subscriber the opportunity to access the Ptarmigan network.

    The link from the CIG (Control Indicator Group) and Clansman was and is CNRIE (Combat Net Radio Interface Equipment).

    Need any more info on the Switching Central or Mapps side of life then the best people to speak to are the people who use it, there are a few on here from 3 Div ;)
  8. Mobile Access Primary Packet Switch (MAPPS) = SWITCHING CENTRAL

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    Its a mans trade , we'll buy you some step ladders
  10. You're too kind. It's a done deal if you can show me a way of disabling that blasted tace alarm which keeps the op awake on night radio stag when the folks at other end are playing silly buggers..... :wink:

    edited for gramatical foolishness.
  11. Try these

  12. errrr

    To mute the tace alarm you just position the alarm volume switch half way between 2 of the settings :D

    There you go, qualified in less than 30 seconds! :D
  13. five to do , what does mapps stand for again?... you reckon its mobile access primary packet switch? ..i have just checked my mapps op cert dated 3-12 april 2002 and i believe that mapps stands for mobile access ptarmigan packet switch! cheers 21 sigs!!
  14. special prize to threesend for remembering the fine knowledge the fine operators of 220 signal squadron (and their techs) passed on.
  15. Threesend

    Your certificate is right.