Scouts to bring back bob a job week



I'll get the arrse sweatshop ready then. What should we get the little fuckers to make?
Don't send them out cock sucking then.
Nobody would, it's part of the oath : We promise to do our duty unto God and the Queen and take it in turns to suck off Big Malcolm the Scoutmaster.
Well, that's what it said in my photocopied rules anyway. Giving sex pleasure via the anus got a gold badge too, and after that you could double it by spending a weekend with Scoutmaster Malcolm's freind in Belgium. My mate Ginger Kevin did. He never came back......


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boy scout goes out bob-a-jobbing, thinks "I know I'll go a see the vicar, he's an easy touch" off he goes to the vicarage, knocks on the door and says to the vicar " Good Morning Vicar, it's bob-a-job week, have you got any jobs for me to do?" The vicar says " Yes, You can tidy up the cemetery,weed around the graves, cut the grass and make up a bonfire and burn all the rubbish" The scout spends all day in the cemetery. when he finished he went back to the vicar and says " all done vicar" the vicar signs his book and gives 5p, the scout says " Thank you Virgin" The vicar says " don't you mean " Thank you Vicar" The scout says " No, because I know a tight cnut when I see one"
Come to think of it, it's that time of the year when ' Penny for the Guy ' jokes, to say nothing, for our porridge-quaffing freinds 'Guesing', ones should be about.....for the spams, we're talking trick or treat.

The last one round my door was sent off with a prompt kick in the face and a ' Do a better job next time, Mr Fawlkes'.....

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