Scouting for Muslims

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Mr_Fingerz, Mar 28, 2006.

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  1. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

  2. Just as long as they don't try to earn their martyrs badge :D
  3. Just a load of poor reporting bunkum - there are a number of packs and scout groups within the UK that are made up of Sikhs, Muslims, Hindus and evenChristians on an exclusive (or almost exclusive) basis.

    Beavers, Cubs and Scouts are made up of whatever boys and girls they can find in the area and although this news item claims that it is the 'first Muslim' Scout group, this is wrong (but of course would not be news if it was billed as anything else). Groups do have parent 'churches' (i.e. 1st St. Bloggs, etc.) but that does not limit members to 'Christians' so even if this was the 1st Al Qaeda pack, other faiths (hereineafter known as 'infidel') would be allowed to join.

    This might be an advantage in the Jihad and stoning the infidel badgework!
  4. Good post Padre.

    By the way, whatever happened to Herrenbloke/Comfortablynumb/Warriorpoet?
  5. I just wish the BBC would STFU about Muslims for once. They're around 2-3% of the population, but the BBC fascination with them makes them sound like they're 49% (i.e. as big as they can be whilst still being a minority).

    Case in point: Muslim girls don sporting jilbabs .
    Do we care? Why is this relevant news to the licence payer? And yet the BBC does not see fit to make the point that the violence in the Sudan is predominantly Muslims ethnically cleansing the place of Christians. There are many articles on the BBC News website in which the origin of the violence is just not mentioned. Can't be showing the "religion of peace" in a bad light now, can we?
  6. I will watch with interest to see the number of muslim women running the London Marathon for charity, or indeed the Cancer Research run. Maybe the beeb could do a story.
  7. Going back a LONG time but I think the scout saying was "Dib dib dib, Arkela we will do our best!"
    The moslem one could be "Dib dib dib, Al Qaeda we will don our (suicide)vest!"
  8. The muslim population might be only 2-3% but in many areas is much higher,ever been to Peterborough or Luton?

    I think its a good idea to bring different religions together,the alternative could be a NI situation in many so-called ethnic enclaves,I´d rather have them Dib-Dibbing than Bang-Banging.

    I don´t know if muslims make good scouts but thousands died fighting for the `Empire´,after all that´s why they´re in Britain-no Empire-no Muslims Sikhs etc!
  9. How is the BBC's obsession with and apologies for / covering up of the most distasteful aspects of Islam going to bring different religions together? It never misses a chance to bash the "American Christian right", but repeatedly covers up the religion of the perpetrators of atrocities and terrorists, but only when its Muslims -- remember the terrorist plumbers and terrorist students? The "sectarian violence" in parts of Africa (only called this when it's Muslim on Christian, the religion is almost always stated on the rare occasion when it's Christian on Muslim)? Many blogs like firefight these stories, and sometimes even manage to get them corrected.
  10. I was listening to the British Muslim Broadcasting Service (used to be called BBC in the old days) and they aired a piece which was advocating local areas of Islamic density being allowed to operate under Sharia law. They had an interview with an MP from Leeds who said that Leeds had areas where the population, being totally muslim, wanted sharia law and Islamic virtues and teaching to be the only variety to be on offer.

    They quoted a report that said that just as India was ruled under the Raj by means of ethinc/religious segregation, that this would be a way forward to ensure peace.

    Thought Catholic/Proddie - British/Nationalist was an example of just how poorly segregation worked let alone hindu, muslim, jewish, Christian, Zoastran, Sikh, JW, Morons, Catholic, wican, New Age, CPT and all the others - if they try it, Bags the Isle of Wight for the christians.

    The Scouts would not encourage 'single religion' groups. The integration, tolerance and understanding element would be lost from its ethos (which is becoming less Christian as time goes by despite the founder's intentions.) and so dialogue and mutual respect will still be on the menu.

    Good point about those of other faith who fought as part of the Commonwealth. Pity that many who live in this land and consider themselves, even though born here, to not be British aren't reminded of their heritage in this area by those who would teach and talk of jihad.

  11. If sharia law was brought to certain areas of britain,it would make people aware of how lucky they are to live in a democratic country,I think that it would last as long as it takes a severed hand to drop to the floor;Calling the extreme islamistic bluff might be a way to end the discussion quickly?
  12. oldbaldy

    oldbaldy LE Moderator Good Egg (charities)
    1. Battlefield Tours

    Or better still St Kilda for the Muslims.
  13. Stoatman.

    Who were the very first news organisation to bring Darfur to the world's attention , and who first mentioned it was Muslims beating up on Christians? I'm sure you can find it if you look hard enough . You may also see the reporter concerned fighting back tears of rage. If you look at other reports, you may see other reporters from the same news organisation wondering why the bloody hell nothing is being done about it.

    I actually posted on "When are we going to do something about this appalling situation" and the response from posters here , was quite literally "screw them."

    There are plenty of bad news stories about Muslims on the BBC Stoatman , certainly enough to sate your particular bete noir , just look under Iraq, Afghanistan , Nigeria etc etc. I find it strange that a 'cute' story , about muslims becoming boy scouts attracts so much ire from you , we'd best stop their youth adopting the principles and values of Baden-Powell , they'll want to integrate into our society next, the fiends. Maybe those existing Scout troops in Muslim countries should disband?

    As far as I am aware, the only country that ever practicsed segregation within the Boy Scout movement was South Africa, but I will stand correction on that.

    Personally , the more Muslims who become Boy Scouts and learn the values of Baden-Powell , and dare I say the values that saw this nation colour the World Map 3/4 Pink the better. Imperialist doctrine? Do I look like I care?

    Maybe I'm one of the minority here, that regards the BBC as the World's finest news service, and damn me, it's BRITISH too. The BBC , and it's foreign news desks and portals, are more important to this nation , it's image and indeed it's intelligence gathering , than you would dare imagine.

    Still, we could always have a Fox News clone :roll: If you don't like the BBC's output Stoatman , don't watch it.
  14. OK, PTP - spot the difference:


    (note that the story on the link has changed form since the original screen shot was taken)

    from here:

    I'm sure that there are plenty of bad news stories which unequivocally state that it is Muslims doing bad things (I'm yet to see many), however there are a significant proportion of BBC news stories about Muslims doing bad things which fail to mention the religion of the perpetrator -- cf. "Terrorist plumbers", "terrorist students", "insurgents". There are also apologist pieces ("society/the west/US/Miffy is to blame"), and full-blown propaganda puff pieces, such as the description of Islam (now edited after complaints) which presented Islamic mythology as fact (see here from 2001: all other religions as opinion.

    So excuse me if, day after day of seeing this stuff, I see the Boy Scouts pieces rather more than just "cute" and rather as part of an agenda.

    And your comparison with Fox is fatuous -- Fox is a private network, whereas the BBC is paid for by all UK television owners, on threat of fine or imprisonment, so please excuse me if I require higher standards from them. You may be able to switch the BBC off, but you're still obliged to pay for it.
  15. This sort of thing could be made into a bad thing..... I don't like the idea of it.