Scout Walt??

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by roninxix, Mar 9, 2011.

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  1. Had a very strange conversation this evening when I picked Miss Ronin up from scouts (whats all that about by the way I always thought fems went to guides).

    There was an individual there in ful CBT 95 clobber with the stable belt and beret of my old regiment. He had on his right arm both Para wings and Bootie Dagger. This got my spider senses tingling from the off.

    Spoke to him as I need clarification on something they were doing over the weekend. Asked if he was an ex-regular which he stated he was. Even went as far as showing me the regimental T-Shirt which he was wearing from my old battalions 1st Afghan Tour in 2004. Asked when he had done AA Para and AA commando. He said that it was something that they had done with the scout group so could wear the badges (WTF!!!)

    Told me that he had left the mob 5 and a half years ago. After being in the regiment for 25 years I didn't know the cunt from Adam.

    Who the fuck is this bloke. He's neither Reg or STAB or indeed cadet AI yet he's teaching scouts map reading (using degrees not mils I hasten to add) and survival techniques!

    Are there any scout type people out there who could clarify this before I go down the route of kicking him half to death for being a lying twat.
  2. I dont like the sound of this bloke, wouldnt have him near my kids
  3. Oh dear, this is one for the plod to investigate. There is a hierarchy in the scouts, call the district commissioner and ask why someone wants to hang around kids while wearing a non issue uniform wearing badges he's not entitled to. Who is he trying to impress when he is going to be surrounded by kids?

    The Walt thing creeps me out a lot, I am of the opinion that the hard core walts are mentally unstable in the first place and I would not one in charge of my kids.
  4. So let me get this right. Bloke from your regiment claims to have been in there the same time as you, even showing a T shirt of a tour that you went on?
    You are now asking us if this is right before you "kick him half to death for being a lying twat"? WTF has this got to do with us you fcucking loser? Why didn't you call him out then and there?
    These fcucking Walt threads are so tedius now
  5. Ooh, the bastard! Let's burn the fucker!!!!!
  6. Tedious now there's a word that describes you well yet you can't even spell it. Was merely seeking an opinion. Bore off you useless cunt!
  7. Says it all really

  8. Why is he wearing 95 kit for scouts in the first place? He sounds like a ballbag of the highest order, never mind a Walt.
    Not someone i'd like hanging around my kids.
    Just drown him in a tub of brake fluid and be done with it.

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  9. I was a member of the scout assoc for most of my youth, and I know catergorically that A. He should not be wearing any form of other uniform than his scout uniform or mufti. And B. Their is not a hope in hell that he could earn his wing's and dagger through the Scout Assoc. If you have got your wing's through the forces, their is the option of wearing special scout association wings, which are worn on the left hand side above the breast pocket "I had one leader who wore a set when I lived in the fatherland as a kid".
    Is this bloke the main Scout Leader, an Assitant Leader or a Adult helper? If you have any major concern's, report it to the GSL who can set up a case, and hand it up the chain if needed. It may just need a strict word for the chap to stop being a stroker to put an end to it.
  10. Perhaps he wasn't a scout, perhaps he was a pathfinder. :wink:
  11. +1

    in fact +1001

    Any twat who is up there in uniform and beret is a plonker of the primary type, and you should have called him for it. The wings and dagger badging issue alone proves he is a Walt.

    Others dont like this anti walt attitude, but here again is a guy who isnt dressing up in his mums back bedroom, or shooting the shit in civies down at the local. This is a guy who is working with young and impressionable kids.
  12. You can earn wings in the Scouts :)


    Forces links are shown on uniforms


    Are you sure it wasn't this bloke you saw? :)


    As said on the thread earlier - speak to the District or County Commissioner and get the dickheads background checked. (He should have had criminal records checks/disclosure forms done if he 'instructs' on a regular basis.)

    As for not teaching compass bearings in Mils - Scouts use degs (Some use Grads) not Mils so that's hardly relevant. ;-)
  13. He was more like bacon Grill rather than Bear! To be honest nothing that he has said rings true at all. I'm more concerned than curious now. May bring it up with their CoC.
  14. Pararegtom

    Pararegtom LE Book Reviewer

    all we need now is a Brownie walt!!!
  15. Surely the Badges are for the kids? The leaders were master and miss wobbly go have a few unit identification badges but not much else. I'm pretty damn sure that they don't wear the bootie butter knife and as for the dpm too creepy for words.