Scout group honour War dead.

Thought this forum as good as any other to post this.

I chanced across this webpage:

This is an active Scout group who have gone to the trouble to research and honour members who served and died during the World Wars.

I was quite impressed and moved. I've often been somewhat dismissive of the Scouts but then perhaps my own experience wasn't typical. (This is NOT the NAAFI bar before you start! ;) )
However, it strikes me that Baden Powell himself would be pleased with the effort that this group have gone to to remember those of their fellows who died in the service of their country.

Well done I say.
Fair play to them. Good to see that not all the 'youff' out there are muppets.
In Swansea there is an AA gun memorial to the defenders of the town during the Blitz. The scouts are one of the organisations remembered on it.

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