Scousers left to suck it up and admit they were wrong?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by ugly, Mar 15, 2012.

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  1. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Hillsborough documents blame fans - Yahoo! News UK
    ..Former prime minister Margaret Thatcher was told that a senior Merseyside Police officer blamed "drunken Liverpool fans" for the 1989 Hillsborough football stadium disaster, according to leaked government papers.

    The documents show that four days after the tragedy, a member of Mrs Thatcher's No 10 policy unit met senior Merseyside officers who told her large numbers of Liverpool fans turning up without tickets had been a "key factor" in what happened.

    Ninety-six fans died following a crush on the overcrowded terraces at the stadium in Sheffield where Liverpool were due to play an FA Cup semi-final match in April 1989.

    There was deep anger in the city after South Yorkshire Police, who were responsible for policing the game, blamed Liverpool fans who turned up drunk, late, and without tickets, for what happened.

    However, the papers, obtained by BBC Radio 4's The World At One, suggest that view was shared by their colleagues on Merseyside itself.

    They include a note addressed to Mrs Thatcher dated April 20 1989 headed "Merseyside Police views on Hillsborough" and marked "Confidential".

    It contains an account of what was said to be a long-planned meeting between the No 10 adviser and the then Merseyside chief constable Sir Kenneth Oxford and other senior officers from the force.

    According to the note, Sir Kenneth said: "A key factor in causing the disaster was the fact that large numbers of Liverpool fans had turned up without tickets. This was getting lost sight of in attempts to blame the police, the football authorities, etc."

    Another officer - who was not named - was said to have directly blamed the supporters. "One officer, born and bred in Liverpool, said that he was deeply ashamed to say that it was drunken Liverpool fans who had caused this disaster, just as they had caused the deaths at Heysel," the note said. Thirty-nine people had died at the Heysel stadium in Belgium when rioting Liverpool supporters charged Juventus fans before the 1985 European Cup final.

    Sir Kenneth, who died in 1998, was also said to have expressed concern at the way Liverpool's ground at Anfield had been turned into a "shrine" by grieving fans. "He deplored the press's morbid concentration on pictures of bodies. He was also uneasy about the way in which Anfield was being turned into a shrine," the note said.


    So all those years of grief whoring paying off are they? Prefer not to have a public enquiry where your own do you down?
    Come to Liverpool grief capital of the world!
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  2. How can it be anyone BUT the fans fault? If they all stood still, then there would be no crushing. It's hardly rocket science.
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  3. It was the fault of the Police. That has been proved conclusively.
  4. Can you show me the footage of the police stood at the back pushing forward please?

    The simply fact of the matter is that there was a crush because there were more 'fans' in that stand than had tickets.
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  5. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    By loads of pissed up, ticketless Scousers who were all absolutely blameless and forced by the Police at baton point to surge into the ground and kill each other.
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  6. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    beg your pardon muddlemaker, read the news release. yes plod were partly to blame but if the drunken fans hadnt forced the gates then it wouldnt have happened!
  7. Did you actually read ugly's post?

  8. Yeah, coz if it wasn't the Bizzies fault, how could they all claim compensayshun?

    Follow the money.
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  9. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    If there is a bandwagon to slag off authority especially plod I am usually the first to consider jumping on it, however this has reinforced my view at the time that the only people to blame were the fans without tickets and possibly the plod for not beating them senseless instead of allowing them to charge the gates and kill the innocent fans who had bought tickets!
    Nothing like a bit of home grown shame to get a smokescreen of indignation up and running!
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  10. The letters that were revealed today are the opinion of a copper in the days after the disaster. The official enquiry said that what happened was down to shit policing and not the fans.
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  11. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    No grounds are great for away fans, thats the point, to be honest if you are a footy fan the fact that fans can still travel away is a mark of tolerance by society and those we ellect to set laws to protect us from ***** in the away end who want to kill one another and then spend 30 years claiming it was a cover up!
  12. speaking as someone who took par.... witnessed first hand the rioting in Manchester in 2008 i know its usually a cop out on the behalf of the organising and policing authorities to simply blame thousands of completely smashed football fans who turn up without tickets.

    on that occaision the trouble clearly occurred because there werent enough portaloos.
  13. No, the exit gate was opened by the police.
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  14. The only reason that the coppers who tried to claim after the event weren't allowed their claim is that the court foresaw a massive claim being put in by Scousers who weren't there, but who watched in on TV...true dat! eh?
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  15. You should have mentioned your opinion to the enquiry at the time, they obviously got it wrong when they said it wasn't down to the fans.