Scousers kill foxes

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by nark, Sep 14, 2009.

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  1. Not content with shooting each other and continually whining about Hillsborough, Scousers now have a new pastime of hunting foxes with their (standard issue) Staffordshire Pit Bull Terriers. Gangs of track-suited, hooded, pot-smoking Scousers have been spotted in the Allerton Area of the city using their animals to kill and maim foxes. When a group of lads was approached by a reporter they said "Ey yoos ar yoos buzzies? if not FXXk off or weel set de dogs onyer"
  2. What's the issue here then?

    Lots of people wearing "mess dress" and travelling on horseback have been doing it for years albeit less the scouse accent.

    The common denominator is that they are all cnuts.
  3. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    What do they use for horses?
  4. See? That's what happens when there are no hubcaps left to nick. :)

  5. Alsatians. Staffys can't reach the horses.
  6. They are dirty smelly vermin who rifle through rubbish looking for Food.

    And Foxes, Well, they are intelligent beautiful wild mammals and utterly enchanting.
  7. Shurely Shome Mishtake.

    I would expect in Speke, Bootle, Croxteth, Toxteth etc.

    But not Allerton. I live near there and have struggled to find any shops in which to have my shell suit repaired or indeed anyone selling the specific dog food that "fifi" my pedigree american british pit bull terrier rottweiler requires.

    In fact, even having my perm renewed meant a trip to Page Moss.
  8. Are all those really places or are you just teasing the Southerners!?
  9. Real places. And a word of warning on pronounciation of liverpool places

    Childwall - pronounced as chill-wall
    Gateacre - gattaca
    Kirkby - curby
    Kirby - also curby
    Aigburth - eggbuth
  10. And don't forget that the designation for the inhabitants of "Liverpudlian" has now been changed due to the fact that so many are morbidly obese. They're now known as "Liverlake-ians".

  11. Liverpool, hotbed of British Socialism how proud they must be to have got that elitist, upper class, non-sport of fox hunting banned. Socialism - what I want and I'm not sharing.
  12. No, they're still known as whinging scouse tw@s
  13. Current Affairs - Really? Not even a link?

    Put your bait away kids, sling it in the Naafi where it can be "debated".

    Alternatively - can I start a thread called "All Cockernees are Paedos", or indeed "All Brummies hump their sisters"?

    Oh and B1977 - don't forget Knotty Ash.
  14. Fück me! The place actually exists! I always thought it was a name made up by Ken Dodd, but Wiki says the opposite. You live and learn.

  15. I'm amazed at the amount of people who think its a made up place - but then you would be if you know it exists - if you see what I mean.

    Not sure about the Jam Butty Mines though.