Scousers demand Maggies private notes on Hillsborough!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by sebcoe, Aug 23, 2011.

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  1. Over 100000 scouse greif whores are demanding that Maggies private notes on Hillsborough are made Public........Why? shouldnt they be looking for a Job or getting over it!
  2. Of course all those Liverpool fans who went without a ticket had nothing to do with anything that went wrong. I suppose it was Maggie urging thousands of them through into the stadium, what a bitch.
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  3. I am sure Parliment has more important things to debate than now a Historical event
  4. Can't they just go & nick them? I think the Baroness might take askance at having her toes set fire to & deliver a handbagging, though.
  5. thing is the cops did fuck up usually footy fans don't die even scouser's.
    although nobody asks why there were cages and a large police presence.
    The sun lying about the fans behavior afterwards hasn't helped the most victimized city in the worlds status:)

    I quote" because I'm a scousers nobody gives me a chance security is on me as soon as I go in the shop"
    maybe because you've got a raging heroin habit and are out on bail for shop lifting again?
  6. Not according to Lord Justice Taylor they didn't... I presume you know nothing about what actually happened on the day?

    If the procedures that the police had in place the year before (when the same teams had played the same game in the same stadium) then the likelihood is that no-one would have died. As it was 96 people never came home from a football game. They died in a stadium that didn't have a valid safety certificate, they were lied about by the police, politicians and newspapers, senior police officers pressurised PCs to change their statements when they didn't tally with the official story of SYP, evidence that contradicted the official story was disregarded (everyone was officially dead by 1515 when a WPC reports one of the dead asking for his mum at gone 1600). Ambulances with life saving equipment were held outside the ground for a long, long time (I forget exactly how long now, only one ambulance ever actually got onto the pitch though) and the police were taking fans who'd escaped the pens and throwing them back in. Ninety six people were killed by police incompetence and indifference and the families, quite rightly, want to know exactly why their loved ones didn't come home.

    It could have been anyone's fans in that stand that day - Liverpool, Everton, Man Utd, Arsenal whoever. If you happen to be a football fan and you ever went to games in the 1980s when it was standing on vast, fenced in, death trap terraces policed by coppers who didn't give a shit about football fans then you'll know that it was more through good luck than design that no-one else's fans ever suffered that kind of loss in tose kind of circumstances before Hillsborough.
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  7. Jimmys best mate, good answer, football stadiums are different whats the point of dragging stuff like this up wasting time....the last thing we need is bleeding hearts, but then again scousers being of Paddy origin can't leave the past alone!
  8. You really are an idiot, and not in the least bit amusing.
  9. Maggie's Notes

    1/. Hope Degsy was in the crowd.
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  10. I can't speak directly for the Hillsborough families but I assume because it's 22 years since their loved ones died and no-one's ever been held accountable, no-one's even ever officially told the truth about what happened to them and why it happened. I don't think (and I may be wrong) anyone's even ever apologised for the fuck ups that killed them.

    We don't deliberately nuke our soldiers anymore to see what happens either, the Atomic Test survivors and their families still want to know the truth about what happened to them. I'm lucky enough never to have lost anyone close to me in circumstances like them (avoidable disasters or Government incompetence/indifference) but I assume that just to have the truth told must go a fair way to at least making it easier to accept.
  11. It doesn't really matter what her notes said, I've a notion that most have already made up their mind and hate her with a vengeance anyway.
  12. So all those that were there without tickets had nothing to do with it? I know people who were there, 3 lads from my class went with out tickets and they went with one lads dad also without tickets. Yes mistakes happened, lessons were learnt. What exactly do they want 20+ years later?
    Pretty much everythings been done to death on the subject.
    Why do they need the wicked Witches notes?
    Do they think she plotted it? Though I can imagine Maggie writing in her diary "96 peasants died today, I had Chicken for dinner, oh dear Dennis is pissed again".

    Can I start whinging about the Potato famine? After all if the goverment of the day had done more about it my ex-wifes family wouldn't have migrated here and I would never have met her, causing me untold mental anguish.
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  13. I reckon 100,000 people in Liverpewl just need to "Calm down. Calm down."
  14. Whilst Hillsborough was a tragedy, no one loves a good bit of grief whoring like Scousers. Boris was right. I suspect its the Irish gene which renders them prone to over-exaggerated emotions, tearful bouts of rose tinted reminiscing and faux outrage at every imagined slight. Theiving gits. Still, why not give them the notes, if it helps.
  15. I know this is the NAAFI, but in the grand scheme of things. this was a real tragedy. 96 people went off to a football match and came home in coffins - just think about that for a minute.
    There is no doubt that the Police have a lot to answer for, for their actions (or inactions) that day and it is understandable that the families want those answers - I hope they get them soon.
    However, I also firmly believe that the actions of a minority of Liverpool fans on that day contributed to the disaster. Unfortunately, no-one is allowed to infer this without being flamed by all and sundry (I'm not defending Kelvin McKenzie and the Sun here).
    There was a Forest fan on the radio today who was at the match, who was being very reasonable and clearly stating that a group of drunken Liverpool fans were trying to force their way into the ground, but he was shouted down by a number of Scousers who were basically putting their fingers in their ears and yodelling.
    The real disgrace is the delay in providing details to the bereaved - it smacks of a cover up and I suspect the shit will hit the fan when the truth finally emerges.
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