Scousers - can they sink any lower?

Bud. What does it matter where stacker got the (twitter?) post from? It isn't as if he's resurrected a donkey's years old thread just to have a dig about scousers is it?
Is the post fake news?
You seem to be more upset that stacker has posted the link, rather than it's content.
I assume that you are disgusted that low life scum would steal from a baby's grave?
So why not address that?
I want to reiterate to you, that everyone knows that such behaviour is not unique to scousers, but you lot do seem to have a chip on the shoulder rivalled only by the SNP.
Also rivalled by some strange 'victims' in NI, what says you john g? its not happening of course.......lizard.
And we're off again

Loads of morons proving they can't read and thinking it's a bill to Alfie's parents.
Plus loads calling all Alder hey staff murderers and it was all a cover up. Even one claiming Alfie was killed by lethal injection.
Going down the list Alder hey should be taking a lot of these fùcks to court for libel.
There's even people trying to tie it in to a Tory conspiracy against Liverpool.


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Are they scared that it might e suggested that they contribute some of the many thousands raised for young Alfie?
A classic example of the ‘power’ of the internet. :roll: Before the explosion of social media, we would be oblivious to this sort of mindless drivel, as it would have been confined to the living rooms or local bars of the morons.
Didn’t take them long to make a (hopefully) healthy replacement...

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