Scousers - can they sink any lower?

It's odd how these religious cranks think that removing life support is "playing God." If the doctors are "playing God" they're doing so when they put the patient on life support. Removing it is leaving the decision as to when the patient dies up to nature, i.e., from a religious POV, leaving it up to God. Sue Him.
Sounds like a commercial repat but if AA, crew on standby waiting ready, all adds to cost. Logostics and it all coming together is the problem, where someone maybe free for a couple of days a week plus is problematical if you work in the NHS unless you are on holiday.
Defo not a commercial job. Would have to be an AA.
Having lost 2 daughters before they were born, I've got, perhaps, a more personal experience of this stuff.

Would I have given anything for both or either of them to be alive today? 100%. I'd have gladly laid down and died for them. I didn't get that chance. Alfie's parents got the chance to know their boy, even a little, for a brief time. What they are trying to do is understandable. you grasp for ANY hope in this situation. you go into that room with the doctor who has that look on their face. You know bad news is coming. I've seen it 3 times in my life now, where I've been alone and told that my fiancee...has gone. Each time, I begged for it to be a mistake, I've begged the doctor to check again, to make sure it's not a mistake. That maybe a miracle has happened.

Each time it's failed, but I've still grasped for that straw. That single shred of hope. I've been the man walking along the corridor, grey, haunted, crying. I've broken down in the corridor and sobbed.

What the father and mother are doing is stretching for that crumb of hope in a desperate situation.

What their immediate family is doing is understandable to an extent, but what the brainless, mindless grief whoring, minute of fame mob are doing is destroying the peace and quiet and healing that goes on in that place. You want to protest? **** off to the court to protest. Write letters, call you MP, don't act like a mob of cnuts outside a hospital. Stopping people that may be racing to spend a few seconds with their loved ones.

If this bunch of mongs had gotten in my way while I was going to see my fiancee that last day? There would have been a lot of horn blaring, followed by thuds as their worthless, egotistical, grief-whoring, shameless bodies hit the deck.


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Defo not a commercial job. Would have to be an AA.
No, I meant the job you related, this is an AA job but I'm surprised that a company has taken this on in view of all the reputational damage that may occur when the sh1t hits the fan, which it may do. never really did like doing commerical repats much prefer AA jobs.
The child is in a semi vegetative state. If he was to pull through, there is absolutely no chance of the child having quality of life. As much as I understand the parents view, let the poor bugger die with some dignity.
I wonder if we are talking of publicity for the sake of it, here.

Cynical? May well be, but it happens. Greif whoring is the growth indusrty of this decade.
If I was a florist in Liverpool, I would be stocking up on flowers for when he shuffles off. Teddy bears, dont forget the teddy bears
Can't see much of the famed scouse wit in this thread,just the usual whiney bitey self pitying shit the civilised world has come to loathe.
When I use the word famed I obviously mean mythical.
Where as everyone one else is side splittingly original, if it was 1987 ^~
If I was a florist in Liverpool, I would be stocking up on flowers for when he shuffles off. Teddy bears, dont forget the teddy bears
No point,the 'mourners' will be visiting the local cemetery for their floral tributes.
I must stick my head up above the parapet here
I have worked in Liverpool a few times and stayed there on holiday
I enjoyed myself and found the people funny and total pisstakers, really quickfire with their jokes
for a city with such a bad name it has produced an above average amount of entertainers and comedians, and thieving gits !
Turn out your pockets
After their ciggies, vodka and other necessities are taken care of, that might just be enough to engage a no-win, no-fee lawyer to fight for DA TROOTH!
It must be hard, vehemently believing a lie for so many years, then it all crumbling. I get why you are all so bitter about it, blindly trusting the beloved establishment ^~
1987,your last job or your first shellsuit?
I have been in the Army for the last 35 years, and Unlike most of the has been p*ss staines around here, have done considerably longer than a Handfull of years and happen to be still serving.

I did get my first shellsuit around about then though, lime green Kappa I think, a joy to behold ^~
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The parents were happy enough with the expert care at Alder Hey for 18 months. At massive cost, but that's what medicine is and any success could be used for others.

Maybe letting the poor child go to Italy would convince the parents that there was literally nothing else they could do and might make them feel better about things. The kid's not going to know......maybe! Maybe he's suffering and has been for months - not likely, considering pain/distress monitoring? An adult going to Dignitas is making thier decision. (which I generally agree with).
If they've got the money, why not? As a parent, I'd try almost anything..but when does it become about the parents/'outrage'/religion/grief parasites/anger at experts?

Except as soon as mob rule and religion get involved in medical care, we're in deep trouble.
And, sadly, the money spent on policing, lawyers, even the weeks of 'additional ventilation after the original medical decision could have helped others.
And the courts are trying to protect children from the 'bad' decisions and opinions of others.

i had a mate in a vegetative state for just over a year. not high dependency as such, lot of that time in a care home/hospice. All scrunched up after a stroke, ironically after beating childhood trauma/abuse, speed, weed & alcohol addiction & homelessness.
Some people have come back from comas. It was not the case and it is hindsight. ...better to have gone after a month.

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