Scousers - can they sink any lower?

Mr Diamond told the court a military air ambulance was on standby "at the request of the Pope".

Italian military I take it. What has happened to the other ones on stand by?????
Apparently he's struggling to breathe and the parents are asking for help. So the wife said I missed Granada reports as I was walking the dog
Too much.
They need to wise up and put the needs of the kid before their ego.

How long before the Alfie foundation is established and the wearer of tracksuits is the chair of the charitable organization on a salary of 100k?
Hold on...They haven't got the PM promising an Alfie day of rememberence each year, nor elevated one of his parents to the Lords yet

They've a way to go yet
Shame they want the let the kid die when he is smarter than Derek Hatton.

Derek Hatton tried to crack on to my ex wife's (She was still the wife at the time) niece at a wedding reception. Her very large professional Rugby league player boyfriend threw him into a pond .
It was widely cheered by the other guests and he slunk away.
Slimey cünt before he was covered in pond weed.
1. He was not supposed to die straight away after life support was removed, you keep perpetuating this lie.
2. The mongs are demonstrating outside the hospital and calling the staff murderers for electing to remove it.
3. Please fill us in on how the Italians are going to grow back his brain.
4. they could give him morphine to finish him off quietly (something i'm not totally against myself) but refer to point 2.
5. Send him to school in Shitsplat, Wyoming.

I'd give him a week before Cletus Q. Skunkfcuker Jnr. guns him down with a perfectly legal AR.
The child is in a semi vegetative state. If he was to pull through, there is absolutely no chance of the child having quality of life. As much as I understand the parents view, let the poor bugger die with some dignity.

It must be terrible what they’re going through, but I believe that a Christian Pro Life group is manipulating them and trying to raise their hopes.

All I can see from this is that the staff at Alder Hay are being victimised and the great unwashed will end up refusing medical treatment to their kids in the future.


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"This afternoon a man and woman believed to be from a German air ambulance crew were escorted from the Liverpool hospital by police and security staff after being seen speaking to members of the Evans family. "

Whats next? Uber Air Ambulance?


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