Scousers - can they sink any lower?


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Pentobarbital is the drug, or in the boonies a 9mm, .45 ACP or a .22. Larger animals get the bolt gun.

Sorry morphine I agree with. Letting him suffocate or starve to death no.
Morphine suppresses breathing so that you suffocate. Given that the kid is already pretty non-responsive to stimulus (bring diffy ~70% of his CNS) the tranquilising effect of opiates would be a complete waste.
The thick religious yank nutters mentioned up thread, are we sure our rootin' tootin' gun shootin' Jonesy isn't posting from alder hey?
The thick religious yank nutters mentioned up thread, are we sure our rootin' tootin' gun shootin' Jonesy isn't posting from alder hey?
Maybe instead of praying for the kid they should pray to their imaginary god to stop dicking around with kid's brains.
According to the Medical professionals he was supposed to expire post haste and not carry on. He is still alive and the saga continues, now with a world wide audience.

If the Italians are willing to work with the lad who knows, maybe they could do something for him. Or at least give him some morphine and let him go peacefully.
Still making things up? First he was supposed to die within 15 minutes, then he was supposed to expire instantly, now it is post haste.
Oh yes because owning firearms is akin to supporting mass murder.
How many mass murders in the good ol' US of A were not committed with the use of firearms.
We're really not jealous of your feral black shell suit wearing scallys
At least the Scousers wear complete shellies.

Go to Birkenhead and you’ll see the one eyed bastards in Kappa tops with Puma trousers.

If you move there, there’s a shop selling mismatched, pre-stained shellsuits so you can fit in straight away.
Or maybe the Italians could just help make the point to the parents that they gave it their best shot and let them come to terms with it on their own. Nothing wrong with a 2nd opinion so to speak.
You can have as many other expert medical opinions as you like but if none of them chime with a scouser's opinion they'll bleat on and blame others for years on end.
Perhaps not put the kid down like a ******* house pet you peckerwood.
Peckerwood hahaha! You fücking tool. You were the one who suggested giving the kid morphine you fücking bellend. I'd say that that's putting him down like a fücking house pet.
You've been knocking back too much of the moonshine. Fück off to bed, and sleep it off.
You can't do that in the UK. You have to go to Switzerland but on the plus side the Toblerone at the airports a lot cheaper.
Not strictly true. You can be 'helped' on your way via painkillers if terminal, most hospices will discuss that with the patient and next of kin. They ensure you are not in pain up to the point that it's the painkillers that push you over the edge, not the terminal illness itself.

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