Scousers - can they sink any lower?

Gout Man

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A scaffold?
Lilly would have kicked his face in, and then everyone would had a drink and in true scouse tradition get pissed.


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I do enjoy a read of the Mankerpoolyorkshire Eveningechopost.

Printed in Manchester, written in Manchester, by journalists with IQs lower than @dingerr's shoe size.
They do have some really fit Scouse birds though!
Like this cocaine smuggler?

They do have some really fit Scouse birds though!
Hmm, if fitted with a ball gag (or their mouths are otherwise put to use) in order to stop the f*** awful accents SOME of them have.

I have commented more than once on this site that my comment of “the scouse accent is why ball gags were invented“ may be the reason why none of my delightful co-workers in the office in Liverpool have chosen to be a ‘special’ friend.

My comment that a number of those who were quietly mocking a blind lass were a “bunch of heartless, shrieking harpies“ might not have helped either.