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Scousers - can they sink any lower?

Don't be such a silly.

That money is for cigs and cheap booze, and big TVs and mobile phones, and, and and....

Nobody said that as a parent, your single most important job is ensuring your kids are fed and safe - that's somebody else's job.

and taught how to be a good citizen
Lockdown payments to Scousers are the lowest Per capita in the region.
But Universal Credit has gone up, explain that?

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Mr Klopp of Liverpool.

Dr Death

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But students come to Liverpool because it's Liverpool, not for educational excellence.
Liverpool Uni lets nearly anyone in even real scouser's.


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Regardless of the location (Liverpool or elsewhere) if you have 2 kids you are entitled to exactly £35 per week child benefit which equates to £1820 per year.

There are on average 180 school days per year.

That means if all you did was use that money for feeding your 2 kids at school lunchtimes you have circa £10 a day.

I wish me being a tax payer the Gov't would give me that to feed my 2 dogs a day. But hang on, it was my choice to have 2 dogs so I need to finance for them accordingly.

Yes I am simplifying the matter (what about clothes, heating etc, etc) but I am still waiting to see all these hollow cheeked, emaciated kids wandering our streets (Liv or anywhere) but all I see are fat kids and if you Google it up a massive and continuous upward rise in childhood obesity across the spectrum.

Yes, I am a whinging old git but I have few f**ks to give when it comes to this topic.

I blame the parents and the trend of 'handouts' for those who don't really need it against the genuine cases.
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I was a child in the 70s, my dad was a coal miner and we lived in a council house,ergo - we had f**k all.

Neither did 95% of the people who lived on our estate or in our village.

I was never in danger of starving, neither were any of the other kids - in fact, I was well fed, with cheap healthy and nutritious food, ie fruit and vegetables, with the odd bit of meat.

I know there is a world of difference between then and now, however - my parents did the best they could - no fancy cars, or holidays or unnecessary expenditure, the priority was putting food on the table and keeping a roof over our heads by paying bills on time.

Modern parents need to look at the sacrifices their parents made, and ask themselves if they are doing the same for their kids.