Scousers - can they sink any lower?


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Following her whining self pity , sense of entitlement t and being sold to the press by a family member behold the new Duchess of Merseyside

This scouser seems to be doing ok and he's been dead since 2005.

'This is what he could have achieved - and it's all gone'

Capture.PNG  dead.PNG

Anthony Walker was a popular, caring student, a church youth leader, a talented basketball player and an aspiring lawyer. His future was bright.
What might that future have held if the 18-year-old had not been the victim of a vicious racist attack after being verbally abused at bus stop in 2005?
What might Anthony's life have been like, and which other lives might have been better with him in them?

Those are questions that a new BBC One drama tries to answer.
You obviously don't know Toxteth, blackest area of Liverpool
Last time I was there, was for Toxteth day of the dead, which to fair could any day of the year
From the article, he's apparently applying for five jobs a week in Liverpool. Should try scrap metal yards.
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I'm surprised his degree in "Promotional Design" hasn't opened up the doors to a choice of occupations. ("At the moment I'm just looking for admin work, warehouse stuff, desk work - nothing to do with my degree at all...")


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There's a bloody scouser on Masterchef at the minute.

"Eeh! It's just like what you get in our chippy", and said in the most grating accent I've ever heard.
It really is a rough neighbourhood! Maybe the monkeys feel the need to protect themselves for the locals?

'Monkeys armed with weapons including knives and a chainsaw are said to be on the prowl in Knowsley Safari Park. Workers at the popular Merseyside attraction claimed they spotted the troop carrying tools – with keepers suspicious the baboons were being armed ‘for a laugh’ by visitors hoping they would then wreak havoc with other people’s cars.

'One park worker said: ‘The baboons have been found with knives and screwdrivers. I do wonder if it’s some of the guests handing them out.’

Read more: Baboons armed with ‘knives and chainsaw’ spotted in safari park
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