Scousers - can they sink any lower?

Rather than slag off the Scousers - for one night, I would like to show you a series I used to watch in the early 80s. About a Scouse kid, about to leave school, and who dreams of becoming the next King of the Kop. Very non-pc compared to these days. Although written by old skool lefty, Alan Bleasdale, today's breed of pathetic snowflakes would go into meltdown.

Some famous names there,including Cathy Tyson and Mark McGann.'Scully' is still treading the boards at a local level.
There was an earlier version of that on this site. Around the time when Boris had the lurgy.

2020 has been an interesting year.
Liverpool about to be awarded the Premier League.
A Tory prime minister ill in hospital.
Nobody allowed to go to work.
Somewhere, a Scouser is holding a lamp, and the genie is saying, "No more wishes."
Scouse Bastardry appears to be occurring outside The Etihad. Fireworks heard on the TV commentary of Citeh vs Liverpool.

It'll be interesting to see the response of the GMP if the TSB's kick off. My money is on "robust"


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Absolutely juvenile, And even better if it makes someone take the time to post their disapproval ^~
C'mon then CAARPS, shall we have a wager, money to charity of winners choosing? My money on ewes wont retain the title next season, up for that?


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C'mon mate, you put on a Champions performance last night, only ever matched by Arsenal !
In case nobody told you, the season finished on the evening of Thursday 25th of June, we won. Last nights game and the next 6 are post season friendly’s :)

You have that luxury when you win it with so many games left, but no one else would know that ^~
Time to wheel out the Scouse outrage bus, as plod shoot woman armed with a knife

Another resident said: "People are sad and mad about it but obviously we don't know who she is or what's happened yet.

"A lot of people are going to be angry that a police officer has felt the need to shoot a bullet into somebody."

We dont know who she is or what happened but we are angry because we are Scousers and get outraged over anything.

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