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Scouser outrage bus crashes ...


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Book Reviewer
53 Liverpudlians on board and 106 whiplash claims.

I know, I know, three dead, including the driver, very sad. Several passengers with 'life changing' injuries. Wad's of compo will do that for you.

Another excuse for grief whoring and singing 'You'll never walk alone.'
Bet it turns out that the driver was speeding. Could he have trying to outdo one of those Sons of Dips who regularly use this tunnel for supercar races? They trek all the way from Mayfair to gun through & get themselves caught on camera to prove the speeds they get up to.
Where is vertical gyro? He usually never misses a chance to spout drivel whenever Liverpool is mentioned? Where is that cum guzzling thunder c*nt from by the way - I never seem to get an answer?
In reply to the number of claims put in I quite liked Fitz Speigels' take on it in one of his books. The first reaction of many Scousers upon seeing an accident (and this was in the 60's) was not to inquire as to the well being of the injured but to shout "purrin a claim!".
However he stated it in a self depreciating manner - and was funny to boot. Unlike many of the morons on here...

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