Scouse Squaddies, make me the next JK!!

Right fellas, for those 29 days in the month you are skint, what do you do? Read? I bet some of you do, they did in my day, anyway, sitting on the bunk reading Just William while munching your Ma's fruitcake? Well here's something to read which I've written, and self-published. 'Mike Miller, Son of Pendragon'. Before I get to the blurb, my name is Josh Rogan, from where else but Scouse Land, and I am trying to break into the publishing world big-time, and reviews so far for this book have been excellent, even though I say so myself.
Now, the book. Its a tale of a young boy who finds he is a descendent of King Arthur, and then ends up as part of an ill-matched group of magical guerrillas, 'The Irregulars'. He then goes on a roller-coaster of a ride all over Europe, different parts of the world, including some bizarre trips to Blackpool. And, for you Scouse lads, even spends a little time near the 'posh end', well, Thornton, anyway, as well as the famed historic 'Sefton Church' out in the sticks. There's far more but you'll have to read the rest yourself! Now, I am assuming that there will be an E Mail option somewhere else, so I won't put it here, but here's what you do. There are 2 versions. There is a locally produced cheap version, but still well presented. These cost £8.00. This will cost me around £7.00 to get a copy out to you, so I'm only making around a £1.00 per sale. No rip-off here. For those who decide they will forfeit a night on the booze, save those beer vouchers and go to, for a far better copy. But it does cost. The book itself is $14.00 US, the post is also around £18.00 US International Surface Mail. $28.00 US in all, around £19.00 in all. There are far faster postal services, but only choose this if you've mistakenly had the CO's salary credited to your account by mistake.
So, if you want a copy, either mail me for the basic copy, or go to the link for the deluxe version ( but card cover, not hardback ).
Josh Rogan.

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