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Scouse Pub Crawl?

Scouse Pub Crawl

  • I'm not coming up / down to that shit hole..

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  • Yes..around Christmas is good

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  • Yes..but before Christmas would be better

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  • Yes..but in the New Year would be better

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  • Total voters
Would anyone be interested in visiting their hub-caps and then turning it into a bullet dodging alcohol soaked tour of Liverpool City Centre??

I was thinking sometime around Christmas although I would obviously defer to public opinion on that one.

I know there are other Christmas ones planned eg.


but if like me you can't be arrsed to travel too far and Liverpool is good for you (or if you just fancy coming to Liverpool) then post your name on here and indicate a preference for the timings...
Do they sell Taboo in liverpool?

Get dragged to scotland and they did'nt understand me,never mind heard of it.

Shopping you say though?Ok i'm coming.
At last, a crawl local to me.

Count me in, as long as i'm still in Merseyside by December.

There is a possibility that I'll be running a pub in liverpool by then, so a few cheap ones may be in hand.

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