Scouse Grief Whores & The Titanic Hotel

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by JoeCivvie, Jan 12, 2013.

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  1. BBC News - Liverpool's floating Titanic hotel attracts criticism

    Given that it sank just over 100 years ago there can't be that many people alive who actually knew the relatives that were on the Titanic so isn't this taking grief whoring too far, even for Scousers?
  2. Negligent-Discharge

    Negligent-Discharge LE Book Reviewer

    My ex-f-in-law had a relative on the Titanic. He was one of the carpenters and gets a mention, albeit briefly in the filum. Come 1998 and a cheque comes from some lawyer from the drowned carpenter's Estate. £120. My kids had chicken nuggets, fags, scratchcards and Twizzlers for weeks.
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  3. Everyone needs to be a fucking victim, don't they?

    Invite all those who're greeting about this on a free cruise. Then sink the fucking thing. Give the cunts something to be offended about then.
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  4. Nope, there may be some compo in it. 18 year old Chantelle-Shardonay was pushing her 12 kids past teh hotel and suddenly collapsed in greif. She remembers all to well being told by her 28 year old mum that a mere 10 generations and 100 years seperates her from someone who once walked past their house on the way to the Titanic...
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  5. Lets make money out of this, who's for hiring a big inflatable pool and having a pool party so scousers can connect and get a degree of closure?

    Fuck, we should get a grant and everything. We could even have a "Hot tub and bubbles" pool so scouse women can get a feel of how the upper class women lived and had a "final fuck" before kicking them out into the common, cold pool.
  6. It's high time this problem (Liverpool) was sorted out once and for all. Let's stop all foreign aid now (especially to India) and use the billions that we save to build a 30ft high reinforced concrete wall (with no entrances or exits) around the entire city. Not forgetting any outlying suburbs (Runcorn, Ellesmere Port, Birkenhead, Bootle etc) - I suggest the criteria for elligibility should be based on whether they own a shell suit and sound like they should be in the cast of Brookside; if in doubt we should include them just to be sure. We then have several options:

    a) Leave them to starve to death / kill each other. This could be sponsored and televised as the ultimate in reality TV.

    b) Introduce a highly infectious and deadly disease - diphtheria, cholera, bubonic plague (maybe decided by a public vote?).

    c) Flood the entire area - although this introduces the possibility (albeit unlikely) that some of them may swim or float to safety.

    d) Flood the area (as above) but this time with concrete.

    Frankly, the possibilities are almost endless. This could be the basis for a whole new game show.
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  7. It will sink within weeks, like all vessels moored in the vile Liverpudlian cloaca, the bottom will be gnawed away by the Mersey goldfish!
  8. Why destroy a useful resource? Once sealed beyond all possibility of escape, the city could be used as a vast prison/internment camp for undesirables from across the nation, like New York in that film.
  9. A trebuchet could be used to 'fling' criminals in... on to a giant pudding mat, surrounded by razor wire and a one way door. Otherwise they'll nick the pudding mat.
  10. I thought it already was a "vast prison/internment camp for undesirables from across the nation"

    I thought that was what it's job was.

    By the way, using the word job regarding Liverpool was intended.....hilarious but intended.
  11. It would have to be an 'accident' so that there could be a 'public inquiry' years later that resulted in prosecutions for the guilty (scapegoats) and then 'closure'. I reckon florists would become overnight millionaires.
  12. It is funny how the media never mention the Titanic's two sister ships which both had long and successful careers.

  13. Scousers are fucking hippocrites in any event. Have they ever apologised for inflicting Atomic Kitten on the world? Have they fuck. I'm still musically scarred.

    They should locate this hotel next to a huge steaming pile of faeces with the corpses of Atomic Kitten on the top.
  14. Did they?

    Olympic's life was plagued with issues, not to mention crashing in to things (like battlecruisers (HMS Hawke?)), both when Capt Smith was in charge and after.

    Brittanic sank too, hitting a mine in the Med (?) as a WW1 hospital ship. She can't have been afloat that long.
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  15. [​IMG]
    To be fair, I'd be pretty offended if I could see that thing every day, it's fecking hideous!