Scouse dealer caught at a school.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by vvaannmmaann, Dec 13, 2009.

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  1. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    you laugh, but today it's crisps. tomorrow it's mars bars, then cans of coke - where will it all end???
  2. What a load of dingo's kidneys - all this nannying really gets on my thungas!! And don't get me started on all the PC and racial crap...
  3. I'm surprised the police were not called in to nip this in the bud, today crisps, tomorrow crack.
    A trip down to the police station, finger prints, mug shot & a night in the cells would stop this dealer!
  4. Gentlemen,

    For a site that spends a lot of time banging on about lack of discipline in schools and the yoof of today, you seem to have missed a trick.

    It *is* against the school rules, and he was punished accordingly.

    I regularly used to get malletted for smoking at school. I didn't start until I was 16, so there was absolutely nothing illegal about it. It was just against the rules. Anyway, lucky cnut got a free day off school. Smoking used to cost me £10 a time at 1997 prices.
  5. Discipline, yes. Stupidity, no.
    I too broke school rules at times and suffered a caning. It's the nanny state again...
  6. Hmm, in any other society he would be called an entrepreneur and given directions on how to become a successful businessman.
  7. Rules are for the guidence of the wise, and odediance of fools.
  8. Daft sod. He only got busted because he didn't give kickbacks to the hall monitors and the head of PE. Or he got too greedy and was muscling in someone elses turf.
  9. it will end with buy one get one free's! oh the shame!
  10. He was suspended as it was the second time he had been caught selling in school, which is against the school rules and the school Policy he signed upon starting that school.

    It also goes against the government initiative of Healthy Eating in Schools, but the main factor in this case is that he was told not to do it once, ignored this and continued and so was suspended.

    Selling in school can make the young lad a fair bit of money, however the sugary sweets, crisps and cans of coke he also sells mean kids are high on sugar during lessons and so usually kick up a fuss/distract the lesson.
  11. Did he have any choice? We get into the state of the education services here...
  12. Is the school not abusing his rights under the european human rights act by stopping him? The kid obviously has a habit to feed and stopping him could meen a lengthy time spent in rehab kicking his habit
  13. Choice on whether to obey the school rules! Good grief.

    Choice of school, a moot point I sppose, as one only has the right to express a choice (not to have it acted upon), and if it was a lottery entrance system you could end up stuffed.