scouce and paddy racist?!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by wompingwillow, Jul 3, 2006.

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  1. just been watching Big brother and the scouse bird and paddy bloke were discussing with the black guy weather he found Ni££er offensive or not, to which he replied no, however the scouse bird said she found being called a scouse bit$h more offensive than just being called a bit$h and paddy said he found being called a thick paddy racist.

    I hope these people never join up!

    is that right ran google spell check again and it still didn't pick up offencive and I'm to thick to know if I've spelt it right or not, what else were you dripping about oh yeah which.........happy now
  2. Watching Big Brother? Got a name from a Harry Potter book (yeah yeah, we've all seen the films), spell which as witch. Can't even spell offensive.

    I hope you never join up. ;)
  3. I already did mate, got kicked out for being dyslexic oh that and shite at everything, I did a google spell check as well fecking thing
  4. Scouse and Paddy Racist?

    Is it fcuk.
  5. End of the day, may as well call a spade a spade.
    Equal Ops, my arrse.
  6. I wonder if she would have been even more offended if she'd have been called a Thieving Scouse Biatch?
  7. Isn't that what all scousers put on their job application forms? You know, the one's that they take to the DSS to 'claim' they're applying for work?
  8. Yawn...........
  9. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Words that are some of the many highlighted as "not appropriate" in the Police Force, also Pikie, should not be used, the prefered term is "Traveller" Also "Rule of thumb" "Taking the Micky" are a no-no.

    If these are issues with you- Dont join the Police- any of them!!
  10. "Rule of Thumb" - sorry I don't get it. How is that "not appropriate" ?
  11. Its inappropriate on the "just in case" basis. You never know who you might offend!
    Police are now not allowed to arrest anyone in case it breaches their human rights and are under specific orders never to talk to the public, particularly when issuing a warning just before shooting them, which must now be given silently.
  12. i dont think scouse and paddy are racist however Baldy is possibly the most offensive term ive ever heard and i feel agrieved every time some one mentions reciding hair lines.

    Yours Hairily S_D
  13. I find the term alcoholic offensive.

    This is because i choose to drink like a fish,it most definitely is not an illness!..........
  14. He didn't call him a spade, he called him a n*gger. I still reckon that the muscly bloke will do the Dub in in his sleep...
  15. This PC thing gets my goat!
    Oops! Can't say "goat". Might offend people with facial hair.
    Dammit! Can't say "facial" either. Might offend people who haven't got one after a nasty car accident.
    "Accident"? Might that not offend clumsy people?
    Actually, the word "say" might offend people with a speech impediment.... etc.

    (In fact I'd better not say "etc" either, as it comes from latin and might offend people without a classical education).