Scottish Transport Regiment


just joined Arrse because I'm looking for some advice. Got out a couple of years ago and now a bit bored and thinking of joining the TA. This is my local transport regiment, does anyone know if they're any good?

Advice please?
Is that your only option. There are plenty of other units in and around Edinburgh.


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Also national RLC TA...

OK Granthnam, but there are some interesting bits if you care to look for them..
There are a few porridge wogs that are ammo specialists.
Absolutely.... :wink:

Dem ground still there Ding?
I want to do transport because, it's what I know. Does anyone know if the scottish transport regiment are a decent bunch?

I've had a pm telling me they ski and drink, but thats a shitty reason to join- i can drink with with my mates if i want.

Anyone out there in it and can tell me about it?

Don't want to go in and see them coz then i'll just sign up. I'm shit with things like that, can't say no. Got double glazing and ******* hundreds of leaflets from mormons and guranga people.

There is only one way to solve this mate...

Get yer arrse along to Alnwickhill road and find out!

I'm sure they will not eat you (at least not on the first night). The TA is not like regs, remember you can throw your Teddy whenever you want to, so if you don't like it - leave...!

call them on 664 3454 - go on - you know it makes sense... :D
I don't think you will many of them about. If I am correct I am sure they are currently supporting 7 Regt on OP Tosca (Cyprus)...


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