scottish summer challenge 2008

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by rightsadbugger, Mar 18, 2008.

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  1. the 2006 course was discussed rather a long time ago - in 2006 bizaarely enough - and i wondered if anyone could tell me if the 2008 course was going to be any different?

    i'm 33 with wife, sprog, mortgage and little man-boobs, but - and this is going to make me sound like some awful 'hoo-haa' septic - i want to 'do my bit'. most of my friends at school/cadets/uni joined up for various lengths of service though most are out now, while i stayed with the cadets as an adult MOS for a few years.

    i'd like to join the TA for two very different reasons: firstly i can feel myself turning to fat, both mentally and physically - i'm just not challenged by my life and i want to regain some of the 'sharpness' i had in my early twenties, and i think joning the TA would provide that, secondly, as i mentioned above, i've started to feel a bit 'cheap' recently, my country is at war - on two fronts - and most of my friends have fought and served while i stayed at home raking the cash in and shagging posh birds in Hillhead. gven the importance to future generations of whats happening, particularly in A'stan, such behavior is now rather shaming.

    any advice, both on the summer challenge specifically and the TA in general, would be very gratefully received.

  2. Glad to see more people like you joining the TA, whatever part of the country you're in. I'm glad to see you recognise that the whole point is to get out there and do the job.

    If you've been in the army cadets for donkey's then you won't need advice on kit etc. My advice would be to work hard and occasionally bite your tongue, as you would have to do in any job if you want to do well.

    Don't worry too much about man-boobs and fitness, if you put the effort in you'll be ok (and I'm sure fitness will improve over the weeks). Passing most courses in the army is about attitude.

    I wish you the best of luck.
  3. give it a go 7 weeks and you will know if you want to stay.
    just get your head down and enjoy it
  4. What unit do you plan to join? :?
  5. no idea whatsoever, i live in glasgow and don't fancy travelling too much as i have enough of that with work.

    i'm probably too old (and fat) for infantry, but i want to go for a unit where i'll actually be able to do a tour - and after reading the boards it appears that CS and CSS units are more likely to be used than infantry anyway.

    'll not pretend i'm interested in a 15 year career in the TA, if i really enjoy the day to day stuff and want to stay then great, but what i'd initially like is to be trained to do something thats needed, go and do it, and then be able to say 'i've done my bit'. what happens after that is a bridge to be crossed later.

    views, opinions?
  6. What part of glasgow do you live in?

    Try 207 Battery Royal Artillery (Volunteers), they are in Crow Road just north of the Tunnel...

    They are part of 105 Regiment, a Light Gun artillery Regiment based across Scotland and Northern Ireland. There are lots of different jobs to do in a gun battery, and lots of opportunity to do a tour - in the artillery role in Afghanistan!
  7. cheers, very grateful. i'll give them a ring after easter.

    not wishing to sound a little 'walt-esque', but if i managed to get onto (and then through) Summer Challenge, then accepted by a unit, what kind of timescale would i be looking at before i was sufficiently trained in whatever role was deemed suitable within the Battery to be eligable for an operational tour?

    any other units/roles anyone would like to suggest, anywhere in (or near) Glasgow would be fine - i live in Glasgow's fashionable Southside district....
  8. Summer challenge will make you a qualified soldier - ie qualified to go on tour, but I'm sure they would want you to go on ops straight away.

    I would prob suggest at the very earliest one year later, ie deploying summer 2009.

    that is.....if we are still in Afghanistan then.... ;)
  9. You can'tbe far from me then, I'm on the "trendy" South side aswell. ;)

    Another local unit is Headquarters Squadron of 32 (Scottish) Signals Regiment, based on Jardine Street- map and a little info here...

    There is also G Squadron 205 (Scottish) Field Hospital, based in Graham House, just off the Govan road. More info here...

    These are just 2 units in Glasgow, although all of the Scottish TA units can be found on the 51 Bde page on the Army website here...

    If you would like any more help, feel free to PM me.
    Hope this is of some use to you!
  10. right sad bugger, check your PMs
  11. cheers everyone for your help, i'm going to have a little browse and see whats available.

    really very, very grateful.

  12. Seconded!
  13. Can you do summer challenge even if you don't happen to live in Scotland?
  14. It is geared towards generating soldiers for Scottish units however if some strings are pulled at higher levels you might be able to get on it. There are similar schemes running across the country however try and I believe 4 Div are running one too, can't remember the dates off hand but you can phone them. Find the number at

    Good luck to all joining, you'll love it.