Scottish Republicanism: A good thing or a bad thing?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Zero_Over, Jun 10, 2011.

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  1. What do you all think about the issue of an independent Scotland?

    Not really. This thread's just an attempt to smoke out Peter Dow, the kiddy-videoing benefit claiming anti-handcuff-device-wearing twat.

    While I'm waiting... how's everyone's evening going?
  2. Well, obviously yours isn't going too well, is it Billy no mates, sat here on the internet on a Friday night you sad twat... Oh... erm.. hang on.

    Posted from my iPhone5 whilst in a nightclub. On shagaluf. With a blonde on each arm. And my mates fighting to get a round in.
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  3. What are the names of those two strapping lads then?
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  4. Get a dictionary and compare independent and republican. NB - You are about as dull a poster as Ciggie. AKA Dull Twat
  5. Your posts are particularly thrilling. You didn't answer the question though.

    Oh, and it'd be quite interesting to see an independent Scotland that wasn't also a republic. Nighty night duckie.
  6. they'd demand the stone of scone back and put some friedmarsbar eating rapist on the throne till ironbru induced diabetes killed him
  7. You have the makings of a very good hollywood script there. I'd get in there quick if I was you, it can't be too long before Sean Connery kicks the bucket.
  8. i would but whod go and see a film about jocks
  9. Depends really - will there be any full frontal nudity?
  10. well I'm not hot on that idea but i'll take my shirt off if you promise to sign the contract
  11. I was just thinking about other scottish people that could be in the film but it'd probably be easier for this thread to be merged with the "fatties or gingers" thread as the same people would appear in both.
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  12. Read the history of the period 1603-1707.

    Scottish republicanism: good for Scottish republicans, not so good for Scottish antidisestablishmentarians.

    Scottish quinquagenarians are an undecided demographic while the majority of us couldn't give a fuck either way so long as it gets its round in.
  13. Funnily enough, I actually was fully aware of the pre-union history of these fine isles. Probably why I didn't say "there has never been an independent Scotland which was a republic."

    Now where's my thesaurus? I feel the need to dive blindly into a discussion & try to patronise someone.
  14. Actually we got the Stone of Destiny back, its in Edinburgh Castle.
  15. It was graciously given back. A thankyou would be nice, but oh no...............
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