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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Jimmybell47, Nov 12, 2006.

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  1. Deleted
  2. Any of them, so long as 99% support Rangers.

    And whats wrong with Para's ???

  3. I'm joining the RHF, I start basic in march.
  4. Are you under 5ft 6ins, bags of shoulder work when you're walking and a gobshite?
  5. The Royal Marines are currantly getting into loads of contacts and the Royal Fusiliers had a fighting tour. I think that its the PARA PR machine that makes it sound like they are the only Brit regiment that gets into a contact!

    As for sweaty regiments (the English call Jocks sweaties - its Cockney rhyming slang - sweaty sock - Jock!), I found the RHF to be a very good regiment.
  6. Jimmy, all of the battalions (nee regiments) of the Royal Regiment of Scotland are well respected throughout the British armed forces (despite the high level of banter from those unfortunate enough to be born South of the border :wink: )

    If you're into your rugby (and i know a lot of you colonials are :D ), you won't go wrong looking at 1 Scots (Royal Scots Borderers). They have one of, if not the best rugby squads in the forces.

    Other than that, which part of Scotland did your parents hail from?

    PS, if you are looking for frontline action, all of the Battalions in RRS have deployment levels only secondary to the Para's, marines and Royal Engineers. Ask the government why they keep sending the Jocks back to the sand pit (upto 3 tours inc the 2003 war)
  7. Surely that's to give the rams a fair crack at the ewes :wink:
  8. Hey don't tar us all with the Aberdeen brush :D
  9. If the TOS fits :p
  10. Careful - with that avatar, we Jocks might start pawing the ground with our hooves (sorry, boots) and neighing....

  11. Whichever you join you will at some point probably be able to move to another.

    So if after 3 years of Armoured Infantry in Germany you get bored you can always ask to be posted to the Air Assault Role in Canterbury ( but be aware that 5 SCOTS fall out of this role for a couple of years in about 5 years time). Etc Etc

    They all have vey busy arms plots and tours in the next 12 -18 months and so will all be away less 3 SCOTS (only a Coy away at the moment) in one or other of the sandy destinations
  12. Having commanded a Scots Platoon at ITC several years ago I don't think you will have any problem fitting into any of the Battalions. My one platoon of recruits had individuals from New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Kenya, Fiji, South Africa, England and a couple who were actually from Scotland.

    Having worked with a few of them I can say that their soldiers can be a real handful at first but their NCO's are some of the best you can serve with.

    Using Old Bn Names:
    Royal Scots - Good rugby players, large Fijian contingent, oldest Infantry history in the Army.
    Black Watch - Seen as the "Real" Scots Guards. Liked their drill, kilts and Friday dress so good if you like "dressing up".
    A&SH - Worked well in Airborne role, good reputation if punchy doon toon.
    RHF - Small, wiry jocks who can put up a hell of a fight - good blokes to have around if for example we stumble into a war in Iraq or Afghanistan...Doh!
    Highlanders - Another very good rugby Battalion. Quiet but very professional bunch.

    All in all little to choose between them, especially now you can expect to be posted between the different SCOTS Battalions over the course of your career.

    Perhaps you should think role rather than history....Armd Inf, Light Role or Airborne and make your thoughts known clearly to the recruiter!!!
  13. As far as officer recruiting is concerned role should not be an issue. An officer wanting to serve with the SCOTS should be prepared to serve with any of the bns in any role. The priority should be working with, leading and serving Scottish soldiers: it is equally as rewarding in NI, Germany, Scotland, Cyprus and England; the role makes it different not better or worse.
  14. 2 SCOTS (formally the Royal Highland Fusiliers, Princess Margaret's Own Glasgow & Ayrshire Regiment) would be my preference. Why? Because they are in Edinburgh, light role and are going on operations. Their Barracks has been through a multi million pound refit and all soldiers enjoy their own privacy, own room etc (ensuite). They are passionate about football and rugby and are well manned. Their manpower is recruited from Glasgow and Ayrshire (west coast). Finally, they accept all personnel from where ever. All you will need is the drive and will to get on.
  15. Own up, BTBSI, you're on the RIT aren't you?

    Joking aside, I'd agree. For your point of entry to RRS, 2Bn does have the advantages listed above. Also , having worked with 1RHF frequently, they're a good bunch and extremely good soldiers.

    One word of advice is to buy a dictaphone with variable speed. When one of your Jocks talks to you (and they will, endlessly!) record it and play back at 1/3 speed. Then get your Pl Sgt to translate, so you can learn the lingo. Treat it as if you were joining the Gurkhas.

    Also, pre-record your O Grp, chuck in 'f***ing' every other word and play it to them a x3 normal - jobs a good 'un.

    Oh, and by the way, learning to distinguish Rangers from Celtic in all those non-football-related areas where this will arise will pay dividends.