Scottish Regiments

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Darthspud, Nov 22, 2005.

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  1. Re instate the Regiments now its diabolical what they have done and Im English
  2. Cynical me, but,
    Aren't the Tories the 3rd party in Scotland?
    Just sounds like hot air and empty promises.
    Bring back ALL the disbanded Regiments,both North and South of the border
  3. Cameron says:

    Four years down the line, it may be too late to disinter the regiments from what is being proposed"

    What a lot of SH!T.

    If he was PM and put his mind to it he knows fine well he could do it!

    Just another clone of Blair spinning his way out of answering the question.
  4. This hits the nail on the thumb! Another good example of smoke and mirrors tactics from pollytishans who patently don't give a shite! :evil: :evil: :evil:
    Where's Churchill when you need him? :roll:

  5. The thing is, its not the politicians that ar driving this. It is the prince of darkness himself.
  6. reinstate the scots regiments ! i agree .
    but look at the last election results if it was just the England results a Conservative Government (and may be all the regiments intact )we would have but with the Welsh and Scot's vote we have this shower of s*#t ! . You cant trust a party stuffed with (reformed!) CND to have a decent defence policy.
    Guys get out and vote for your jobs or we'll all end up as 1-Brithish Reg EU ARMY !!!
  7. Bit off topic but say IF the Scottish National Party came into power and Scotland became independent would the scottish regiments become the scottish army or stay a part of the british and what would the Scot Guards do? Pretty stupid question I know.
  8. I think the SNP's policy is pretty extreme - IIRC they want to quit NATO, take the Scottish regiments with them, kick the crabs out of Lossie/Leuchars/Ice Station Kinloss and the Andrew out of Faslane and Rosyth, and generally paddle their own, tiny canoe. In that scenario I suspect the Scots Guards become the Scottish Unionist Volunteer Force.
  9. Please dont judge the rest of us porridge wogs by their standards!

    Alex salmond was on the radio today denying their would be an energy crisis in the next decade. When presented with the facts he reverted to the classic "Scotland would be ok if it was not part of the UK"

    Yes alex, WE would but WE are!
  10. which bit of Scotland do they declare independent in 20 years' time when they start running out of North Sea oil to cover Scottish demand? There's a sensible policy if ever I saw one.
  11. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

  12. as opposed to 1 british reg US Army at the moment

  13. The stated line of the SNP is that they would not want the Scots Guards as part of their Independant Utopia as their ruperts are too closely connected to the Crown which, in my humble opinion, shows what a bunch of small minded simpletons they are. I wouldn't trust cnuts like that behind the bar of my local let alone with the running of a country.
  14. That WOULD be relevant if Holyrood had any input to the armed forces - it doesn't however! National security is still the preserve of Westminster.