Scottish Regiments Study

Researchers at the University of Exeter are conducting research on the plans to merge the Scottish Regiments to form a single Royal Regiment of Scotland. Anyone with an association with any of the Regiments involved in the merger can participate in the research by completing a short online questionnaire, which can be found at the following website address. Your help is greatly apprectaied, and your opinions are important.

many thanks,

Dr Paul Hutchison (University of Exeter)
What on earth have the jock regts to do with exeter uni? What is the research trying to see/achieve?
The main researcher on the project at Exeter uni is in fact a "jock" from Dundee, whose father served in the Black Watch. There is no hidden agenda, the research is simply trying to find out how people feel about the merger, and what are the main issues. The findings will be made availble to anyone who is interested via an appropriate journal - the details of which will be posted here once a suitable number of responses have been collected.

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