Scottish Prosecutors Order Police to Investigate Rendition Claims

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Info Ops, Jun 6, 2013.

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  1. No doubt politically driven by wee eck.

    He needs to remember that the vocal minority of gob shites that will be supporting the aren't enough to swing his referendum.
  2. I would imagine the conversation between the Jock Rozzers and CIA, involved two words from the US, the first begins with F and next ends in F.

    Case Closed.
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  3. Could get interesting when the Scottish police ask the UK authorities to start handing over files and documents relating to intelligence/detainee matters.
  4. Intelligence isn't admissible in court! An d the files will be redacted so badly they will be unusable!
  5. They should drop the prisoners off at the Ryan Air if torture wasn't enough!
  6. Nothing will come of this - the people pushing for an investigation are going to be a bit disappointed when the National Security claim is raised and it all goes away quietly.
  7. It'll be about the same as when one of their own gets bumped off, and left neatly packaged up in a holdall.

    The Intelligence services must have been so forthcoming for the Police to have solved that one so quickly. Oh hang on.
  8. No doubt the security issue will be raised but the Human Rights Act is embedded in Scots law so it will be hard to ignore.

    If the police and prosecutors come up with enough to get a case into court, then it could get interesting. Witness citations can be served and arrest warrants issued for those who refuse to appear. And witnesses who refuse to give evidence or prevaricate face being locked up for contempt.

    What a can of worms that will be. Alex and his advisors will be thinking a spot of wedge politics at this stage in the game can only be good.
  9. As I said, your agenda is to attack the UK. That you've been using this to do it illustrates the type of person you are. You couldn't give a flying eff about the prisoners, it's a bit of political spin. You odious creature.
  10. Shame that you have such a low opinion of the integrity of the Scottish Law Officers.

  11. No. info ops doesn't, he's just a knob.

    although Alex Salmond does have one big police force with him in charge now. I guess he may try and do something stupid before the referendum to salvage the abortion that he's in charge of.
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  12. Assuming that any rendition flights are in US Military or otherwise US Government owned and operated aircraft, they are sovereign territory in the same way as a warship is. Just who, what and where is going to be investigated by Scotland's Polis Nationale is not clear.

    Rendition via Scotland is more a diplomatic issue and Foreign Affairs aren't devolved to Scotland. Jings!