Scottish Premier League 10/11

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by A_Knocker_Till_The_End, Jul 23, 2010.

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  1. with the season fast approaching what are your thoughts regarding the up coming season, any change from the normal, good signings, bad signings etc????

    i am well aware that most of the people on here follow clubs in Engerland but this is aimed at us that were fortunate enough to be born across the border, so no requirement for all the 2 club league (same as EPL), mickey mouse clubs, etc .... thank you.

    i am personally concerned about the "fire sale" going on at Ibrox but in the end you reap what you sow & we enjoyed good times while they lasted.

    is vile lennon only interested in signing people with an irish roots by the looks of it, for his sake i hope they gel quicker than mowbray's lot did last season.

    rangers really need a couple of decent signings as we have now hot a tiny squad but the money situation may make that a non-starter so in youth we may have to trust & with them predominantly being scottish can only be good for our national team.
  2. I'm not bothered by the SPL this season, seeing as we choked about three quarters of the way through and had to settle for a)winning the Alba Cup and b) finishing above the Doon-hamers...

    However I feel confident that we'll have another good, workmanlike season in which we promise much and yet fail to deliver once again...I only hope Chisholm recognises Curier as real class.
  3. This will be a very interesting Season personnaly as a Rangers supporter I can't wait until it starts. I am not hitting the panic button simply because Celtic are buying, journey men players and paying over the odds in fees and wages, plus it takes a long while, which Celtic don't have to bed a team in and make them gel!

    There top stricker is Samara, who has so far only scored from penalty pre season, can't win a league without goals! O maybe they plan to dive alot more this Season.

    Neil Lennon is inexperienced and no matter what you say about passion, which he has an abundance of granted, is no match for Wattie! Plus he is running around spending money like a sprog who has just got back from a 6 month Op Tour.

    I'll let the team do the talking on the park, but Celtic fans remember this... All that money spent last Season and now this Season = No League. If you do not qualify for the group stages of the CL or win the league your humped and all the conspiracy theories about corrupt Refs go out the window & you may find yourselfs in the Situation we are in, laugh all you want!

    We are not panicking, why should we, we've won the laegue 2 years in a row, reaching a European Cup Final and won domestic honours to all without money or signings.

    I look forward to hearing your excuses at the end of the season.. 3 in a ROW!
  4. Cuddles, good to see a fellow blue nose on the site.
    Do you think Chis and Dodds are the men to take us up? They do at least seem to regard MAC as the goal threat he can be.
    Think you may be right that this year won't be our season to go up, but hopefull we'll be proved wrong. Need to get up soon as the (small) pot appears to be drying up.
  5. Cuddles, I used to read your offerings with some relish (and a bit of mayo on the side) but now that I read that your allegiances lie on the other side of the road from my own, I have my misgivings! Just joking, hope your lot manage promotion this season as that will give the Arabs a guaranteed 9 points next season!
  6. Celtic signing a fair few new players. Rangers hanging on to some players and nothing new coming in (so far). I feel if Dundee Utd, Hibs or Motherwell might upset the applecart and actually push the OF this year.

    Rangers are stretched. Celtic are buying a few players. It will be interesting.

    Still you are only as good as your last season, and I am still feeling Champion.
  7. Fang_Farrier

    Fang_Farrier LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Given the number of folk they've selt do RFC still have enough players for a full team?
  8. Hopefully the Hoops get their act together this year.

    Neither of the Auld Firm were exactly setting the heather on fire last season.

    It'd be good to see teams like Dundee Utd who showed promise really push the Auld Firm this time around. Both were there for the taking last season - and both as bad as each other.

    Still think/hope Celtic will win it.
  9. It's a little worrying being a bluenose atm but I'm sure Smith and Coisty know what they are doing and will have been monitoring some of the young lads and look to bring them to the first team. I think that Lennon might struggle given his inexperience and will come unstuck with his distinctly average signings on large wages.

    WATP, title coming back to Ibrox! :D
  10. It's Celtic's title to lose this year. Rangers have'nt bought anyone and have lost some key players; the financial situation at Ibrox makes the SDR look generous.

    And Lennon, while inexperianced and one of God's Mistakes(ginger)will inspire the Hoops with his frankly disturbing level of commitment to Celtic
  11. i think i read they only have 15 senior players on the books at the minute. :(
  12. I hear Celtic kept up their reputation for being friendly fans south of the border yesterday in Lincoln..................

    And that'll be why the "big 2" will always play their league matches in the SPL!
  13. Do you have a link?

  14. Not yet - just something I've heard about. Will post it if I see it. Basic sketch: Pre season friendly. Obvious large travelling support getting lashed up. Abusing local Army Recruitment Team (TA?) though I have to wonder WTF they were doing there...... Fighting in the stands and streets etc etc.
  15. Would'nt surprise me; both teams have more than their fair share of untermenchen fans. Rangers fans rioted in Manchester and Celtic fans routinely display pro-IRA flags, banners etc.

    Of course, the scum are in a minority of both sets of fans. Unfortunately, you don't need a large group of cnuts to ruin everyone's day.

    If the story is true, I hope the fcuktards responsible were arrested. After being clubbed like baby seals/newspaper vendors...