Scottish Power Bill


Quick background, we left a flat over a year ago, asked Scottish power for our final bill, gave them the meter reading, paid said bill and then transfered over to our new property with the same service provider.

Or so my good lady leads me to believe, I do know that we asked for the final bill and it was paid. Anyhoo, they phoned yesterday to ask why we have not been paying our bills for over a year (I would certainly think that within a month or 2 they would have been in touch) and as my better half was in work at the time she explained she would get back in touch.
It appears that the new tennants that moved in afterwards never registered with the power company, so never paid any bill. I can't help but get the feeling that Scottish power are in a situation where they have messed up, as they have our details thought "lets just bill them and see if they pay?". This has happened before with a council tax bill, but I digress. We have the means to find the address of the new(old) tennants, can we just pass this on to Scottish power and say, "here we've done the leg work for you, go annoy them"?

Now I am the calm hindu cow to her incredible she-hulk when it comes to things like this, as it is the only bill I let her pay (its the little things that let them think they are contributing to the house) she won't let me deal with it. I fear her shouting at employees down the phone won't help any.

Any idea where we stand legally on this? Can citizens Advice maybe offer help? I don't want to phone them on her behalf, as I have said she gets angry when I try to help, you wouldn't like her when she is angry.



Hello OPW

Sorry to hear of your woes. I had a similar problem when I moved not so long ago but with a different energy provider.

In my case I was certain that I had informed them of my move and had given them my last meter reading.

They then chased me several years later (about 6 months ago) stating that I owed them a shed load of money. I told them to take a hike and told them that I was not responsible for the bill and that I had no intention of paying.

It is for them to prove that you were legally responsible for the bill and the owner/occupier. But it is for you to prove that you gave them notice.

If you can prove you gave them notice, or are likely to be able to prove it - ie copy letter, proof of final meter reading, telephone conversation etc etc then tell them to whistle.

I hope that helps. Let me know how you get on or if I can be of any further help.