Scottish power and pre-pay meters

Had to laugh today having issues with the fraud in a box meters installed in my flat gas/electric phoned up the customer services to sort out the probles after being left with no gas and a merry danceto get it sorted I was told that they were the cheapest form of paying for the supply.

Nothing mentioned about the £1.68 (IIRC) standing charge they deduct from the credit every week and that on average they are £200 PA more expensive to run.

Also the engineer who came out last night told me the same the meters are more expensive to run he reckoned that with the meter you'd pay between £20-£30 a week using them compared to that same amount on a monthly basis having a normal supply fitted. But the CSR told he's only an engineer and hes wrong so he doesnt see the amount it's set to over normal meters etc eh :roll:

Moral of the story aviod using the meters and Scottish Power/Onstream both try to pass the buck and last night had I not stood my ground would have been left without heat/gas to cook with feel sorry for those who are a bit more gullible to beleive what they are told regarding these rip off services.

On the + side currently waiting on Southern electric comming to rip out the meters FOC as my new supplier due to the fact Scottish Power wanted £100 to remove both boxes then a secuirty deposit of £150 per meter for 12 months to make sure I paid the bill unless I paid £1200 up front for my services.............Juat what planet do some of these fcuking clowns live on?

Designed to to help people on low income budget however end up ripping them off. Go to the shop to top up meter key £1.98 to withdraw £10 as they dont take switch and no cash machine near by then lose £1.68 as soon as you plug it in due to standing charge. :x

Rant over :D
Indeed, do not under any circumstances allow them into your home to "change the meter". Wait till they come with a battering ram.

I moved into this flat and there was a powercard meter, I called up to change it to a standard bill meter but my request was refused since "there were outstanding charges on the meter". I had to prove that I had just moved in and finally they agreed to change the meter. I left the keys with the neighbour, went to work and came home to find not a std meter... but a key meter. Not only this but there was a charge set up on the meter to recover the previous occupants debt at £16 + meter charge per week. So for every £20 I was putting in Id get £2 of electricity back. I had no option but to pay, if I didnt pay it would just cut off.

Finally after many phone calls and a number of months later they changed the charge to £0 + £1.70 for the box per week but refused to reimburse me for the extra I had paid. So I insisted they change it to a normal bill meter like I asked in the first place, and they wanted to bill me even more money for that.

So im stuck with this keycard meter, which seems to alter its rates as it sees fit. Sometimes £10 on the key will last 4 days sometimes it will last a week. I also noticed that if I put more than £10 at a time on the key it seems to go down alot faster, I reckon they are syphoning off some extra charges the more you put on.

but yeah do not let them change your meter, do not ever get a key meter.

edited to add, by my calculation Scottish Power owe me around £240 as reimbursement for the previous occupants debt
Mate it is a key meter that's there at the moment but if you contact the nice people at Southern electric like I said above they will come and fit a standard meter gratis frei you will need to pass a credit check though
When I were a youth.... we had a shilling in the slot gas meter. It was an awful way of paying for energy, and meant that you were constantly on the lookout for shillings in yyour change.

Years later, I rented a holiday cottage and found we had an electricity meter which needed 50p coins. The owner hadn't told me and I didn't have a pocketful of 50p coins. It was bloody cold and dark that night!

Key meters are the biggest con going and you should avoid them wherever possible.

Next time you phone them and they are unhelpful, drop the following into the conversation:

a. Ask for the contact number for the regulator.
b. Ask for the name of the Chief Executive and a contact address to write to him/her/it. (Head Office)

Make sure you get the name of the monkey who answers your call, keep calm when talking to them, DO NOT get shirty with the guy/girl/chicken/monkey who takes your call.
Never got shirty with Scottish power, But the lair on then end of the phone for Onstream got a loud talking too without swaer works as soon as they were contacted and I explained what happend the 1st response was you'll need to speak to Scottish power in the morning only by standing my ground and arguing the case then suddenly an engineer was available ...aviod like the plauge
Litotes said:
Key meters are the biggest con going and you should avoid them wherever possible.


Oh but according to Scottish Power they are one of the cheapest forms of paying yeah right sure they doubt told to spin it that way to keep the Coffers full might even make a complaint on that false statement alone.
Ref; Gas Prices,

I have the fixed rate deal with British Gas which expires on the 31 April 2010.

I was (am) paying 2.888p for the first 1228.00KWh & 2.012p for the rest.

The new rates are;

7.230p for the first 670KWh & 3.331p for the rest.

I know gas rates increased then fell back but I feel that British Gas are profiteering.

Will other ARRSER's please publish there current gas rates & suppliers so I can compare prices.

I have tried the gas compare web pages but I am now total confused.

After speaking to BG this morning I have been told they have WEBSAVER 7 rate at;

6.216p for the first 670KWh & 2.374p for the rest fixed until July 2011.

Any more disatisfied British Gas customers out there?

Anybody got a better deal from BG?

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