Scottish potential officer seeks nice london lady.

Discussion in 'Lonely Hearts' started by plainjames, Jun 30, 2006.

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  1. I'm going to be down there soon and want to know some people ontside of sandhurst, especially beautiful respectable females. Are there any down there?

  2. J_D

    J_D LE

    Good luck, I am sure you will find a lovely lass who can 'accomodate' you :wink: PTP may have a sly few contacts in his little black book!
  3. Grab A Granny Night in Camberley might be your best chance or you might like to try the classifieds on the public toilet wall in Frimley.
  4. So am I old boy and I am down here already! :)

    Let me know though if you don't get any takers and I will give you a peak at my little black book :)

    Good luck on both counts!

  5. Flowers sounds like a good bet. Oh, hang on. She isn't respectable and she no longer lives in London. :D

    Beebs lives in London. :D
  6. Oi Bazz, I thought I had first refusal on your little black book!

    And Stabby, Flowers is far too good for a Scotsman to handle!
  7. Carp - you do dear boy but maybe just to help you out I will bring one of the fillies from the office to our next encounter as you are at a loose end I guess right now :)
    (unless there is an update on the master plan)


    P.S Actually with your eye for beauty maybe not! :) That blonde did after all have the hem of her skirt tucked in her knicker elastic if I remeber rightly :)
  8. Mate, master plan has been defeated by the forces of evil so, by all means, bring her along!!

    And yes, the knicker elastic was definitely doing more than its operational requirements stated. You missed a real sight after you left though, highly entertaining!
  9. You wont have time for that sort of commitment. Try here instead

    Its on your doorstep, commemmorates us sticking it to Johnny Frenchman, and is full of filthy scutters. Luuurvely! :wink:
  10. Git you had to rub it in about my early departure! :)
    Sorry to hear about the plan but hey nothing ventured nothing gained at least you tried
    So bollox to her back on that trusted stead and 'Row, row, row your boat, gently down the stream - trousers down and pants off isn't life a scream!' hurrah! :)

    Never one not to offer words of wisdom and motivation me :)

  11. Always welcome and I wasn't REALLY rubbing it in. After all, you're an old bloke and I do realise that you need your sleep.
  12. Git :) Now the secrets out - now where did I place my carpet slippers? :)
  14. Good luck...I have no doubt one of our resident commission-chasers will be happy to assist you in your search.
  15. Not a myth then? 8O