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thats what scares me about her! shes twice as intelligent, nasty, sly, evil and effective as sturgeon - she's sturgeon on steroids but with a brain that works!
Being that way only lasts a short time, until you've run out of people who will work with/for you. At some point you have to calm it down (typed in a scouse manner) a bit and I think that's where Sturgeon is at now.

Of course you can prolong being that way if you have no chance of ever attaining higher office, which Cherry won't.


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If it's any consolation, SSE is up for sale again, there's also rumours that the overseas call centres are going to be binned.
Where did you hear that?

E2A: Ignore that, just read your post after that one.
And even the Sturgeon mouth peice confirming if you criticise ministers funding can be removed welcome to the totalitarian state.

Only he'll not as he's another one that knows what's been going on he should have been sidelined a long time ago or is there absolutely no talent and he's one of the best they have???
Just waiting for the big speech by Tommy what's the odds the term Brothers/sister's and a fist pump by the day glow swinger gets used.
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I find it unbelievable that neither PBUH or Humza have made an appearance to explain what they are doing about this crisis.
But then this is the SNP …….
Their supporters don’t care because it’s Boris’s fault and they don’t feel the need to explain to the rest of us.


Humza is surrounded by purple smoke and the smell of sulphur.

Go on my daft laddie, give it big licks. The trolley is designed for walking pace, the floor is well polished, you have only one foot on the ground, a BBC News team have the cameras'll be like the start of a Grand Prix.

Humza managed to collide with himself. To use the vernacular,
'what a fanny.' His work done, the emperor took the rest of the day off.
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