Scottish Politics Thread

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Fang_Farrier, Feb 10, 2015.

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  1. Unrecorded telephones calls vs recorded Vs actual paper copy albeit printed emails.....
    Plausible deniability cost the 37th POTUS his job..... am sure our FM in Hollywood is safe for now
  2. Well, this is the thing. Just sticking with the Afghan translators, they are people who have "bypassed" the asylum seeker part of things and have gone straight to "Exceptional leave to remain" status and are not merely "asylum seekers" which means, as I've been saying, the 3 year wait rule should not apply to them.

    That's the nub of the matter, they're not "regular" migrants moving for work, etc, neither are they "asylum seekers". These people were given a status that does not fit into these categories so the rules for these categories do not apply due to the "special status" of the interpreters. That's where a testicle or two has been dropped, and, given that you should all know what my opinions on what "asylum seekers" should get, I have to agree, for once, with @lastwalt regarding this situation which is wrong.

    Someone needs a foot up the tailpipe for this one, for these people would not be in the UK in the first place if they hadn't helped the UK in the first place, and that means they do deserve better treatment than those who decide they have to cross umpty-three countries to get to the land of freebies called the UK.
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  3. Fang_Farrier

    Fang_Farrier LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Mrs F, has returned to work in a capacity as a supply primary teacher. (something to do with wanting a new bathroom!)

    Within the space of a couple of months is now working full time at the same school but in the course of a week works in 3 different classes and the nursery. So much cover required, so few teachers to provide it
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  4. 3Rs replaced by the 3Fs.......
  5. A friends daughter was the same, she had enough and is now teaching English in Spain
  6. Why do I need to delve into your rant over the supposed failings of the SG, the following refers and is still valid

    Scottish Politics Thread

  7. Nice to see you ignoring what was posted, showing that these Afghan translators do NOT fall into the category you are referring to. I mean, it's there in black and white, right in front of you, so be so kind as to disprove it so you can support your side of the argument as unless policy has changed then that 2008 document is what is relevant in this respect as these Afghans are neither "asylum seekers" nor "ordinary migrants".

    Over to you. I won't hold my breath
  8. I refer you to my last post, if you can't comprehend what I posted, not mky problem. No doubt you'll carry on your rant against the SG just because .............

  9. So no answer, as expected even though you've had more than enough time to prove me wrong. As was expected, as you rant on without even providing anything more than "I say it's so"

  10. Not me that's involved in a full on unsubstantiated, but as per normal, rant against the SG. Just because I won't enter into your latest futile anti SG rant doesn't make your point any more valid and you seem to forget there's no complusion for anyone to bow down and do as they're told by you, or anyone else.

    If you can't make your point without exhorting others to prove you're wrong you've already lost the argument, so thanks for that :)
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  11. Wouldn't she be better taking up a plumbing course.

    Yes schools are like that, they get you through the door then lock it so you can't get out. It took me 7 years to get out even then they dragged me back for a residential.
  12. Looks legit :)

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  13. Re: Bold.

    That's what you are doing.

    For the rest, I did provide something that backed up my position, why won't you do the same instead of frothing like a Kevin or Andy with a mouthful of Fairy Liquid?
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