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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Fang_Farrier, Feb 10, 2015.

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  1. Well, this is a first. Slagging off the SNP and Sturgeon because access to medical services is too easy. You should mention that at your next appointment, I'm sure they could fix it for you....
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  2. Rather than getting het up over getting an appointment quicker at the Doctor than in England, here's a proper opportunity to get the anti-SNP outrage bus fired up and boarded.
    Interpreters who risked lives for British Army shut out of colleges in Scotland | HeraldScotland

    The Herald has a partial paywall, so the salient points are:

    TWO hundred translators from Afghanistan who risked their lives working for the British Army face “discrimination” over attending college and universities in Scotland, it has been claimed.

    They have been told they do not qualify for support to study for higher and further education qualifications as they have not lived in the country for long enough and are not seen as “settled”

    The translators say that former colleagues living in England under the special visa scheme do receive financial support, because the rules are interpreted differently there.

    In my view, this is very shabby treatment of these people.
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  3. You're being a bit too polite there, in my opinion.
  4. Why? The rules weren't written to disadvantage them specifically and were in place befre they decided to live in Scotland. They've not been discriminated against at all.
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  5. Actually, I agree with you.

    Anyways, Ruthie has reappeared from her Festive season hibernation.
    Brexit: Ruth Davidson ‘frustrated’ over delays to promised amendments

    It seems that it's not just the SNP that are a bit sick of Mundell's inability to actually do the very little work that's asked of him. Scottish Tories are getting a bit grumpy as well.

    Maybe it's just Seasonal Affective Disorder that's making them grumpy. Well, at least they should get a quick appointment at the doc....
  6. Because we're hardly talking about your run of the mill immigrant here, these people do deserve better, fast-tracked, processes and if one part of the UK is falling behind in that respect then it's only right they get pulled up for it.
  7. Snowflake

  8. Fascist

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  9. Can't agree I'm afraid. The duty the UK owed to these people was to allow them to live safely in the UK not give them special treatment because of where they choose to live, otherwise where do you stop?
  10. I would have thought that would be quite simple. The special visas that they received aren't dished out to just anyone who asks for one. That's where you stop.
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  11. So you agree with me the interpreters have been given enough by providing a safe haven yet you think they deserve more by having a waiver of the rules which deny them support to study for higher education qualifications within the Scottish education system?

    What happened to stopping when they were given a special visa?
  12. Wait, are you saying that there is a rule that says that residents who gained entry on a special visa should be specifically denied support to study for higher education qualifications? I wasn't aware of this rule. I simply understood that they were told that they hadn't lived in the UK long enough and thus weren't interpreted as "settled".
    Do you have a source for this rule?
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  13. Seeing as how you contribute to this forum entitled Scottish Politics you'll have seen quite a bit of discussion on what the qualifying criteria is to access Higher Education in Scotland, I shouldn't have to provide a link for something you should know.
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  14. Yes, and these rules apply to "regular" immigrants and not these special cases.

    Let me put it this way, all them "Syrians" shipped in under great fanfare, what did they get as I class these interpreters as much more deserving than some randoms shipped in from Syria for at least the interpreters showed some actual support for the UK. If ONE refugee has been given the support the interpreters want despite not fully complying with all terms you mention, then Holyrood deserves a kicking for this.
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  15. Do you have any evidence to say the Sysians did? I'd agree it's wrong then, but not if you can't.