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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Fang_Farrier, Feb 10, 2015.

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  1. Not when you decide to go off on a tangent when you can't argue the points made....
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  2. That's me in the yellow shirt.

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  3. Paisley has failed in its bid to get city of culture !!!! Surely cause For a second referendum since there is a EU deal on the Horizon !!!!!!!
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  4. It's never stopped him before has it? Think I've said before that I like the idea, reservations about implementation.
  5. Report misses the obvious here, the word British is in their name, can't have a new beginning until you've whitewashed the past.
  6. A rise on income tax, just what's needed to get the electorate onside!
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  7. Both Lib Dems and Labour campaigned with an increase in income tax as part of their manifestos so they cannot really challenge this, other than the fact it may not be ring-fenced for a particular purpose.

    That then leaves the Tories to challenge it (I found it hilarious that McKay stated that they wanted to restrict income but spend more - since the Tories are not famous for their largess in the public sector) and they need look no further than the 2017 SNP Manifesto:

    Compare that to what they actually propose and consider - they didn't actually rule it out, but even then they recognised that changing the tax rates may not necessarily result in more income, at least not as much as a simple rate change would predict.

    Remember, a socialist government is only concerned with spending. Income generation is what the evil capitalists do so they don't grubby their minds thinking about such things.
  8. Complete madness to have more than one tax system in a single country. IMHO a profound and serious blunder by Westminster in devolving this power.

    Whats going to happen now, apart from property prices suddenly rising just south of the border? As soon as the SNP blow this particular cash increment, they'll go on trying to buy themselves out of financial incompetence by raising tax again.

    If or when another party comes to power, any attempt to bring tax levels into alignment with rUK will be met with howls of outrage as the unsustainable Scottish budget has to be trimmed.
  9. Same for Wales. Tax powers being discussed, including the top idea of "tourism" tax. Tourism does bring in a lot of cash but it has shades of killing the golden goose.
    Stamp duty has become harder on the Welsh as well due to the changes in bands etc.
  10. What I don't get is the huge gulf between Scotland and Wales in terms of wanting independance

    We don't have an army of gibbering cybernats, and independence is about as likely as the Senedd suddenly deciding to clear up it's corruption and nepotism issues
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  11. North/South divide and English/Welsh speaker splits.
  12. agree, my team is split between england and scotland with the parent company in england - i now take home less pay than my equivalent grade english counterpart yet my 'use' of scottish resources eg roads, bins and the like is unchanged yet i m being asked (told) to pay more tax into an economy run by socialists who constantly waste money on 'baby boxes' or nicola sturgeons overseas all expenses paid holidays which only benefit the snp, her ego and not the country! the only good news is the snp cult is gradually on its way out but the damage they will leave behind will be incredibly difficult to sort out and will require large spending cuts and increased taxation to really make a dent in it - i only hope that anyone considering voting for a socialist party learns from the last 10 years of snp mismanagement and incompetency
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  13. I am in the exact same situation, thanks to the uni drop out and that has never had a proper job outside politics.

    It is a great way to attract doctors, consultants and teachers from elsewhere to come her, not.


    And tucked away inside, there was me thinking foreign aid was reserved

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  14. Well, thats Wee Krankie Sturgeon will be back to her old day job of layering soon. Else she will join wee Alex Salmon on a propaganda programme run by 'RT', Russia Today, or Roubles Today...:rolleyes: